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Thierry Paulin & Jean-Thierry Mathurin | The Monsters of the Montmartre - Part 2

Ep. 207

Towards the end of the summer of 1987, newly released, Thierry Paulin reconnected with his old acquaintances and resumed his night owl life.

Still determined to organize parties, he began to update his address book. He began frequenting the nightclubs and gay bars of the Les Halles district again, appearing here and there, more exuberant than ever. Paulin often frequented “Le Palace”, a famous nightclub, located at rue du Faubourg Montmartre, in Paris. Always charming and polite, Paulin spent lavishly during these evenings: he paid cash and left very large tips. Sometimes he would come every evening for a week, then disappear for a month only to reappear several evenings in a row.






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    Buono returned to his office and told Cindy Hudspeth that it was time to close up his shop now but that he could give her some job openings if she would come into the house. She was grateful for his help. Once she sat down in the brown vinyl easy chair, her hours were numbered. Bianchi kept her occupied with small talk while Buono fetched the gag, tape, and cord. When she said that she lived in an apartment at 800 East Garfield Avenue, Bianchi said that that was quite a coincidence. He had lived right across the street last year. Bianchi won the coin toss this time. But before raping her, he agreed to Buono’s suggestion that they tie her arms and legs to the legs of the bed. The spread-eagled sacrifice appealed to both of them. They used her for nearly two hours. At Buono’s urging, Bianchi did the actual strangling. After she was dead and they were dressed, they agreed that her car was a problem. They would have to get rid of it as well as Cindy’s corpse.Patreon: https://www.theserialkillerpodcast.comFacebook:
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    He tried pulling back on her throat with his forearm first, then used a rag Buono handed him. Even though handcuffed, she managed to kick Buono in the head, so he held down her legs, draped over the back of the front seat, with his free hand until Bianchi had finished the job. When she was limp, Bianchi surreptitiously removed a large turquoise ring from her left hand and slipped it into his pocket. He thought it would make a nice present for his girlfriend. Then Buono drove to a spot on Forest Lawn Drive, below the Oakwood Apartments he had once lived in. They dumped Yolanda Washington’s body beside the road, near a rockpile and the entrance to the graveyard, across the way from a Warner Brothers set depicting a peaceful New England village.Patreon: https://www.theserialkillerpodcast.comFacebook:
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    One afternoon Buono and his pals cruised by as school was letting out and noticed a boy standing alone with his books, waiting for a ride. The boy was wearing a maroon satin jacket with the name “Aristocrats” spelled out across its back. Buono ordered the car to stop and told his buddies that he wanted that jacket. He got out of the car while his three buddies waited. Then he walked up to the solitary boy. The boy was much smaller than Buono and the idea of exerting power over a weaker person thrilled Buono. When told to take off his jacket so that Buono could try it on, the boy hesitated, but when Buono, long thumbs in pockets, feet apart, pelvis forward, stepped closer, the boy slipped off the jacket and handed it over. Buono’s friends lounged against the car, watching with glee in their eyes. Buono told the boy the jacket looked good and that he intended to keep it...Patreon: https://www.theserialkillerpodcast.comFacebook:
  • 211. Kenneth Bianchi & Angelo Buono | The Hillside Stranglers - Part 4

    Naked, she tried to beg, pleading with both cousins for her to be let go. Buono was put off by her unshaven legs and derided her as quote/unquote “some kind of a health nut.” He decided to pass up the sex this time, not even bothering to flip a coin, growing sullen and resentful at this affront to his intentions. Watching Bianchi trying to work up some enthusiasm for rape in the spare bedroom, Buono handed him a root-beer bottle. This Bianchi violently inserted into the young woman’s vagina, causing significant pain. Bianchi applied the bottle with such eagerness and animation that he made her bleed, much to Buono’s irritation. Not out of pity for the woman, but because blood would stain his sheets and carpets. To make sure she did not bleed on the carpet when she was strangled, Buono spread a piece of her coat on the floor.Patreon: https://www.theserialkillerpodcast.comFacebook:
  • 210. Kenneth Bianchi & Angelo Buono | The Hillside Stranglers - Part 3

    Quietly and quickly they picked up the girl, Buono carrying her under the arms, Bianchi under the knees. Buono stepped first over the curb, and as Bianchi followed, his foot caught under the ice plant. He stumbled, almost fell, got his foot loose, and they dropped the body parallel to the curb, heaving her slightly, as one would throwing someone into a swimming pool. Neither the press nor television paid much attention to Buono and Bianchi’s gruesome act, and on radio there was not a word of it. Murder was so common in Los Angeles: there was one committed every three or four hours in the county, not counting the prostitutes routinely overdosed by their pimps. It took something special to titillate the media, an eviscerated actress or a child stuffed down a sewer. But the girl remained unidentified for two days, and so, at the request of Sergeant Salerno, the Times ran this bulletin on the fourth page of the Metro section, and I quote...Patreon: https://www.theserialkillerpodcast.comFacebook: