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Gary Ridgway | The Green River Killer - Part 8

Ep. 170

Imagine if you will, dear listener, Theodore Robert Bundy sitting across from Robert Keppel in an interview room at Florida State Prison. The room is grey, the furniture non-descript. Keppel has just laid a photo on the table in front of Bundy. The photograph is turned upside down. Bundy eagerly reaches for it. Keppel has planned this for a good while. The deal with Bundy was that they were not to discuss the crimes for which Bundy was charged, only the Green River case.

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  • 228. Joel Rifkin | Joel the Ripper - Part 1

    The stench hit them first in the cluttered garage. A wheelbarrow overflowed with a crimson tide – human blood, thick and viscous. A pair of women’s panties lay discarded on the floor, a grotesque echo amongst the coils of rope and the rolled-up tarps. A chainsaw, its metallic teeth glinting in the harsh light, stood upright against the wall, stained a rusty red with the remnants of its grisly work. Neighbors, questioned later, spoke of strange odors emanating from the garage – they’d assumed it was insecticide, a tool of his landscaping business. A terrible misunderstanding, a horrifying truth hidden in plain sight.Patreon: https://www.theserialkillerpodcast.comFacebook:
  • 227. John Gerard Shaefer | Butcher of Blind Creek - Part 6

    In this gripping episode of The Serial Killer Podcast we dive into the chilling tale of Gerard John Schaefer, a former police officer turned serial killer. The episode uncovers the gruesome details of Schaefer's crimes, his trial, and his eventual demise. It also explores the shocking revelations from Schaefer's own writings, which some believe to be confessions. This episode is a must-listen for true crime enthusiasts, offering a deep dive into the mind of a killer and the justice system that sought to hold him accountable. Tune in for an unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness.Patreon: https://www.theserialkillerpodcast.comFacebook:
  • 226. John Gerard Shaefer | Butcher of Blind Creek - Part 5

    The torture the girls were subjected to have been difficult to ascertain. The details probably fit with Schafer’s own writings, detailed in previous episodes in this series. One can only hope that Georgia lost consciousness, due to fear or intoxication, and that Susan, perhaps, had an epileptic episode and that in either case they would not have known what atrocities would befall them. But it is more likely that she was screaming as Georgia was tortured...Patreon: https://www.theserialkillerpodcast.comFacebook:
  • 225. John Gerard Shaefer | Butcher of Blind Creek - Part 4

    The 27th of September, 1972. A date etched in blood on the Florida calendar. Georgia Jessup, a wisp of a girl with dreams far exceeding her sixteen years, vanished from her home. No struggle, no screams, just a blue suitcase packed with aspirations – her own clothes, a few pilfered treasures from her mother's closet, and a younger sister's forgotten dress, a silent plea for a piece of childhood amidst the coming storm.Patreon: https://www.theserialkillerpodcast.comFacebook:
  • 224. John Gerard Shaefer | Butcher of Blind Creek - Part 3

    He took pleasure in the kill, not the bounty it provided. Songbirds, their sweet melodies silenced with a single, brutal crack. Land crabs, scuttled across the sand only to meet a leaden demise. These were the trophies John craved, not sustenance, but the chilling dominion over life and death. The boy who once played by the canal now held the power to extinguish the spark of life in living creatures, a darkness blooming beneath the veneer of a good student and budding athlete.Patreon: https://www.theserialkillerpodcast.comFacebook:
  • 223. John Gerard Shaefer | Butcher of Blind Creek - Part 2

    Fair warning, the content is graphic and disturbing. I quote: “She was expecting dinner but instead was driven down a deserted road. She was asked to get out of the car and submitted to a frisk search. Then the handcuffs were locked around her wrists and the blindfold placed over her eyes. She was then led away into the dark to the place of execution. She was assisted in mounting the laddar and sat down on the top of it. The hangmans noose was placed over her head after a pillow case was dropped over her face in a hood arrangement. She sat there very composed and ladylike while I adjusted the rope. She obviously had no inclination of what was about to happen.Patreon: https://www.theserialkillerpodcast.comFacebook:
  • 222. John Gerard Shaefer | Butcher of Blind Creek - Part 1

    She worked the gag from her mouth and began to chew on the knot. The rope left little coarse hairs in her mouth which ground into her gums as she chewed, and it tasted like car oil. Her legs were also tightly bound with rope around her knees. She tried desperately to work her legs free but to no avail. The attempt seemed only to cut the blood flow to her feet, making them numb and, consequently, making it difficult to keep a firm footing on the root. Finally she turned around and fell against the branch where the other end of the rope was tied on. The rope was looser from chewing on it, and she could untie it with her hand behind her back. She undid the knot herself, and then got all the ropes off. It didn’t take very long, maybe ten or fifteen minutes. But she still had the handcuffs on. She picked up the ropes that moments before had held her captive and ran, keeping low.Patreon: https://www.theserialkillerpodcast.comFacebook:
  • 221. The West Mesa Bone Collector

    In the subterfuge of this turbulent environment, a prolific monster operated right under the noses of law enforcement, preying on victims from the city’s most vulnerable population demographic. On the 2nd of February, 2009, Christine Ross was walking her dog Rucca through the morning shadows of Paradise, her West Mesa subdivision community, when the hound caught a scent. Within a minute, he'd dug up a large bone and proudly presented it. Disturbed, Christine texted a picture of the fossil to her sister, who was a nurse. It looked like a human femur bone, her sister replied. Police investigators arrived on the scene and discovered the remains of multiple human bodies buried across 100 acres of barren land.Patreon: https://www.theserialkillerpodcast.comFacebook:
  • 220. The Briley Brothers | The Slaying Brothers - Part 2

    Only two souls managed to escape the deadly clutches of the Briley brothers, this time Linwood and Anthony, to tell their tale: William and Virginia Bucher. Now, both have passed on, their stories echoing in the grave. Unless the shadows of the past decide to part and reveal hitherto unknown survivors or witnesses, the blood-curdling events that transpired on the night of the 12th of March, 1979, stand as the gruesome overture to a seven-month symphony of horror. The modus operandi of these ruthless killers was as cold as it was random. Linwood, the elder of the two, sauntered up to the quaint, tightly packed home of the Buchers, nestled in the heart of Lafayette Avenue, and rapped his knuckles against the front door in a parody of normalcy. William Bucher, in a later account, revealed his initial assumption that it was the paperboy, come to collect his due, which rendered him unguarded enough to open the door. As the portal swung open, he found himself staring not at the familiar face of the paperboy, but at the strange and unsettling countenance of a complete unknown.Patreon: https://www.theserialkillerpodcast.comFacebook: