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How to Get Unstuck with Becky Vollmer

Season 1, Ep. 24

Have you been feeling stuck and unsure what to do? You are not alone and luckily Becky Vollmer knows just how to go deep and learn from the stickiness to grow toward your dreams and potential. Becky is the author of You Are Not Stuck-- a manual that teaches women to use movement, breath work, self-exploration to transform fear into freedom.

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  • 87. Jenny & Gina on Career and Life Transitions

    In this episode Jenny discusses taking risks and how fear can stop you from moving toward achieving your goals. Jenny walks through the fears that stopped her from starting this podcast and how she put herself through the Shift Forward program to move through the doubt, visualize her goals and make it happen. Taking a leap at pivotal moments in life is how you grow and lean into challenges that make you stronger and ultimately, more successful. Special guest, Gina Hadley, comes on at the end to talk about life transitions as she faces a topic she despises, being an "empty-nester."For more, you can follow the show on:Instagram TikTok & Youtube!Produced by Peoples Media
  • 86. How We Value Care with Elissa Strauss

    "When We Care" by Elissa Strauss delves into the profound significance of caregiving in society, particularly for working women. Through meticulous research and poignant anecdotes, Strauss illuminates how care work, often undervalued and overlooked, serves as the backbone of our communities and economies. From childcare to eldercare, these responsibilities disproportionately fall on the shoulders of women, impacting their career trajectories and economic stability. The book highlights the alarming disparity between the vital role caregivers play and the lack of adequate support and recognition they receive. Citing staggering statistics, Strauss underscores the urgent need for societal and policy reforms to uplift caregivers, not only for the sake of gender equality but for the well-being of all. As we reckon with the essential nature of care in our lives, "When We Care" calls for a reevaluation of societal priorities and a reimagining of how we value and support those who provide care.For more, you can follow the show on:Instagram TikTok & Youtube!Produced by Peoples Media
  • 85. How to Consciously Grieve with Claire Bidwell Smith

    Claire Bidwell Smith, an acclaimed grief therapist and author, is on the podcast to discuss her new book, "Conscious Grieving," which highlights her theories on grief, love, relationships, and loss. In this, her fifth book, she builds upon her extensive experience and personal history—having lost both parents by the age of 25—to offer a nuanced perspective on how to navigate grief. "Conscious Grieving" introduces the concept of conscious grief, which encourages individuals to engage with their grief through mindfulness and self-awareness. In the interview, Claire outlines various stages of the grief process: Entering, engaging, surrendering, and transforming. She encourages those struggling to lean into the process, allow space for mourning, and find strength and resilience out of loss.For more, you can follow the show on:Instagram TikTok & Youtube!Produced by Peoples Media
  • 84. How to Get Ahead at Work with Lauren Wesley Wilson

    Lauren Wesley Wilson, the Founder and CEO of ColorComm Corporation, introduces her book "What Do You Need? How Women of Color Can Take Ownership of Their Careers to Accelerate Their Path to Success." Lauren helps women of color by providing them with a detailed roadmap for navigating the often unspoken rules and soft skills needed to get ahead in the business world. "What Do You Need?" serves as an essential guide for women of color aiming to thrive professionally, as well as for allies who are dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace. This is a great listen for all women at every age and stage in their career journey. Lauren's no-nonsense approach to navigating corporate culture in today's work landscape is true for everyone looking for long-term success. more, you can follow the show on:Instagram TikTok & Youtube!Produced by Peoples Media
  • 83. How Women's Sports Leagues are Changing the Game with Jon Patricof

    Jon Patricof, the CEO of Athletes Unlimited, is at the forefront of the surging popularity and recognition of women's sports leagues. Under his leadership, Athletes Unlimited has disrupted traditional league models by introducing player-driven formats and emphasizing athlete empowerment, paving the way for a more equitable and vibrant future in athletics. Women's leagues have garnered increasing attention from fans and sponsors - a fact backed up by revenue, with women's sports crossing the 1 Billion mark for the first time. These leagues offer a platform for female athletes to showcase their skills and athleticism on a professional stage, inspiring young girls worldwide to pursue their athletic dreams. With growing media coverage, investment, and grassroots support, women's sports have become integral to the global sports landscape, challenging stereotypes and fostering inclusivity.For more, you can follow the show on:Instagram TikTok & Youtube!Produced by Peoples Media
  • 82. How to Prevent Unintended Pregnancies with Lisa Beattie Frelinghuysen

    Lisa Beattie Frelinghuysen, a fellow gender equity warrior and former clerk for Ruth Bader Ginsberg, discusses her career trajectory and late career entrepreneurial endeavor, ClutchKit, on the latest episode of The Second Shift Podcast. Drawing from her clerkship experience, Frelinghuysen emphasizes her commitment to justice and equality, aligning with ClutchKit's mission to empower women (and men) with the tools needed for reproductive agency. Lisa, a mother of four, understands that the abortion debate is politicized territory but only three items in a nondescript bag can aid long-term equity with access, expense and speed. to purchase or donate these kits to those in need! For more, you can follow the show on:Instagram TikTok & Youtube!Produced by Peoples Media
  • 81. How to Unleash the Power of Small Actions with Dr. Adaira Landry and Dr. Resa Lewiss

    "MicroSkills" by Adaira Landry and Resa Lewiss is a comprehensive guidebook offering examples of transferable skills applicable to anyone looking to work toward a goal. The authors take any big goal or task and break it into the Micro steps to achieve it. Whether it is personal or professional, or both, they tackle the essential MicroSkills needed for workplace success. By mastering these MicroSkills, individuals can enhance their communication effectiveness, build stronger connections, and navigate challenges confidently and gracefully. For more, you can follow the show on:Instagram TikTok & Youtube!Produced by Peoples Media
  • 80. How to Overcome Any Setback with Amy Shoenthal

    Amy Shoenthal's "The Setback Cycle" explores resilience and personal growth in adversity. Drawing from her own experiences and the examples of the women she has interviewed for Forbes, she focuses on the common themes around setbacks and how they can often become catalysts for profound transformation and success.In her interview on the Second Shift podcast, Amy and Jenny discuss the inherent resilience of the human spirit and the power of reframing setbacks as opportunities for learning and growth. She outlines a multi-step framework to Establish, Embrace, Explore, and Emerge from any setback and come out stronger. For more, you can follow the show on:Instagram TikTok & Youtube!Produced by Peoples Media
  • 79. How Earning a Living Wage Drives Economic Success with Sara Horowitz

    Please welcome former Second Shift employee and my sister-in-law, the incredible Sara Horowitz, to The Second Shift Podcast. Sara is a co-founder and CEO of The Living Wage Institute, which serves as a resource for employers and employees to ensure fair compensation practices and foster economic stability. At its core, the Institute advocates for implementing living wages, calculated based on the actual cost of living in a particular area. The Institute builds upon the Living Wage Calculator, a tool offering detailed insights into the income necessary to meet specific regions' needs like housing, food, healthcare, and transportation. For employers, embracing the living wage concept promotes social responsibility and enhances employee morale, productivity, and retention. By ensuring that employees earn wages sufficient to support themselves and their families, businesses can cultivate a more engaged and satisfied workforce, ultimately contributing to long-term organizational success. Likewise, access to accurate information about living wages empowers employees to negotiate fair compensation and advocate for their financial well-being, fostering financial stability and upward mobility. The Living Wage Institute bridges the gap between employer practices and employee needs, driving positive social change and economic prosperity. If you are interested in learning more, you can check out more, you can follow the show on:Instagram TikTok & Youtube!Produced by Peoples Media