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The Game that Changed Football, The Italian Hatchet Job, The Adeleke Hype Train

In 2014 the Dubs lined out against Donegal in the All-Ireland Senior Football Semi-Final. Paul Flynn was clipping scores from all angles as Dublin paraded their personal brand of rock-and-roll Gaelic Football. Unknown to the Footballing public however was that the 3-14 that Michael Murphy’s Donegal were able to slip by them that day would set the course for a rebuild that saw Jim Gavin’s men go on a 45-game winning streak, notching 6 All Ireland Titles in the process.

We talked to Flynn and Murphy on the World Service this week about that fateful game in order to seek answers to Dublin's poor form at the moment.  

Plus, we seek some clarity on exactly what the Italian band did to our poor anthem before last weekend's Six Nations game in Rome and there’s an extract from our chat with Ireland’s athletics superstar-in-waiting; Rhasidat Adeleke.

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