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Moyesey's Mountain Top, Rory's Resignation, The Oyster of Chaos

After over 1000 games as a professional football manager, David Moyes has finally won his first major trophy. And what a time to do it, offering a much need reminder of the joy that still exists in this farcical world of ours.

We chatted about West Ham's last-minute heroics to claim the Europa Conference League trophy and why 'mickey mouse' tournaments like this are becoming all the more important. Lawrence Donegan and Gavin Cooney also joined us to pick apart the bombshell merger deal that continues to reverberate around the golfing world and beyond. Plus, in the middle of all this, lest we forget there's a Champions League final taking place and our man Ken will be on the ground in Istanbul covering it in style for the World Service.

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  • Punditry Philosophy, The Magic Of The Champions League, Finding Mack

    Graeme Souness joined us last week in the sold-out Olympia Theatre as part of our tenth birthday celebrations to discuss his philosophy on punditry.  We look at the many myths surrounding Mack Hansen's journey to Irish Rugby superstardom, and there's Gabriele Marcotti on how to rediscover the magic of the Champions League. Join us for ad-free, contract-free, member-led broadcasting for just €5 + VAT a month at 
  • Ep 2743: Pulling For Ireland, Farrell's Happy Camp, The Boks Are Different, Fiji Fly - 18/09/23

    Ken hasn't always pulled for the team of us but the anti rugby discourse is sending him the other way. Can Irish rugby hold onto its newest fan?We chat to Shane Horgan and Gerry Thornley about Ireland's improved lineout, their ability to cope with South Africa's defence, Andy Farrell's bench options, Fiji's demo job on Australia and if teams should fear England in a potential semi final.Plus there's live show news, Dave Kilcoyne on Farrell's happy camp and Gloria Gaynor.
  • Ep 2742: Old Trafford Boos, Football Men Love De Zerbi, Investigations Into New Everton Owners - 18/09/2023

    "There's no new way to play football," Graeme Souness told us at the Olympia on Thursday night. But has anyone mentioned this to Roberto de Zerbi?We talk about why Brighton's way of playing football really is new, and why some kneejerk voices in the MSM (Ken) are already turning on Erik ten Hag after what was, to be clear, only his second home league defeat in a year. Then we talk to Paul Brown (@pbsportswriter), who has reported extensively on Everton's prospective new owners, 777 Partners, for Josimar magazine in Norway.
  • Ep 2737: Hot And Happy Shamrocks, Mack's Cacks, Boks Boss Scots, Drop Goal George, Tears For Fiji - 11/09/2023

    Ireland briefly stuttered before romping to a feel-good win that included some under-12's tactics, a bit of Bundee brilliance, a lap of honour and Mack in his cacks.We chat to Shane Horgan and World Cup winner Joel Stransky about how happy Andy Farrell and Sexton were afterwards, what we can learn from the Scotland SA game, why France will put the fear into the other teams and why don't more players kick drop goals, a la George Ford, especially considering they have won World Cups for SA (Stransky), England (Wilkinson) and NZ (Carter).Plus there's smooth Sexton, how Ireland can beat the Boks and tears for Fiji.
  • Ep 2736: You Say You Want An Evolution? Ireland 1 - 2 Netherlands - 11/09/2023

    Things are not looking good.Stephen Kenny, the preacher of revolution, outdone once again on the European battlefield by an opposing manager with an ability to tweak in-game tactics.Ireland have lost four out of five in the group, bringing Ireland's total number of competitive defeats to 13 in 26 matches. Bare facts have begun to conspire against Stephen Kenny.On today's Football Pod we are joined by Richie Sadlier and Damien Delaney. We talk through the tactical missteps and, respectfully, look towards the future.
  • A Tale Of Two Irelands, Supercomputer's Favourites, Audio Doomscrolling

    It was all about the Irish national teams this week on the World Service. First up, the Irish Football team who fly into Paris for their Euro qualifier against the French as lambs for the proverbial slaughter - if Richie and the lads are to be believed.More hope, maybe, for the rugby team as the Rugby World Cup kicks off on Friday with Ireland going in as slight favourites - if AI supercomputer data models are to be believed.Join us for ad-free, contract-free, member-led broadcasting for just €5 + VAT a month at 
  • Ep 2731: Amazing Alcaraz, Yanks Are Back, Twitchy Coaches - 04/09/2023

    It's a new week on the Second Captains podcast, one which features both the Irish soccer team playing France, and the start of our Rugby World Cup campaign. Ken finds out today that our football team are not, in fact, playing in the Stade de France for rugby reasons - a revelation which while late in arriving, we should offer thanks for arriving at all.We talk to Caitlin Thompson of Racquet Magazine about the new wave of American tennis talent that is in danger of taking over Flushing Meadows and the US Open. They seem completely uninhibited by the baggage of American tennis' underachievement of the last 20 years (Williams sisters besides) and are electrifying the already-raucous New York crowd.There's also Carlos Alcaraz, whose AI tennis brain has bowled Caitlin over and Ken's thoughts on the 'Devil Genre'. 
  • Ep 2730: Hypercommodification, Evan v Erling - 04/09/2023

    On Saturday evening, Evan Ferguson became the first 18 year old to score a hat trick in 25 years. This is an incredible sporting achievement, so why does it seem like everyone's first instinct now is to start babbling about money? It actually wasn't always this way..After Arsenal's late surge to victory against Manchester United we discuss Mikel Arteta's new folksy wisdom-based communication style, and wonder how Jadon Sancho thought it was a good idea to post that message disputing his coach's account of why he didn't make yesterday's squad. Andrew Mangan and Lars Sivertsen join us to talk about the weekend's football. Four games into his Arsenal Premier League career, how happy are Arsenal fans with Declan Rice? Are there worrying indications that Erik Ten Hag might be about to jump over the fence (baby)? And, when you get right down to it, is Evan Ferguson better than Erling Haaland? 
  • Player Pauwa, White Saviours, Devine's Derry - 31/08/23

    This week on the world service we covered the Vera Pauw saga, looked on in horror at the Rubiales family dynamic, built up to Bohs V Rovers with Declan Devine, and looked at the mess that's left when the worlds of American Football, the deep south, conservatorships and Hollywood collide.Join us for ad-free, contract-free, member-led broadcasting for just €5 + VAT a month at