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Ep 2551: Are You Not Entertained? - 30/01/2023

Yesterday's FA Cup matinee, The Assassination of Evan Ferguson by the Coward Fabinho, played to generally poor reviews. Audiences were turned off by the gratuitous bursts of mindless violence and absence of any justice or comeuppance for the perpetrators. Critics say the latest dark vision from the mind of policeman-turned-auteur Howard Webb, with its unsettling themes of child sacrifice and bankrupt authority, is perhaps still too far ahead of its time.

We discuss Man City's decision to let Joao Cancelo go on loan to Bayern Munich, with the option to make the move permanent in the summer. Why has Guardiola said goodbye to one of his best players of recent years? 

And Sean Dyche has been confirmed as the new manager of Everton. Ken gives his immediate verdict on whether they will escape relegation.

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