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Ep 2441: McCaffrey and Mannion back for Dublin, Dessie Delivers The Good News In Customary Style, Becks The PR Master - 19/09/2022

Jack McCaffrey hasn’t played for Dublin since a cameo off the bench which ended in injury against Tyrone in Omagh in February 2020. Paul Mannion’s last game was the 2020 All-Ireland final.  

They were both off the Dublin panel, presumed retired - until yesterday evening. We get the Fair View of their surprise return to inter-county football, what it means for Dublin… and what it means for everyone else, with 4-time Kerry All-Ireland winner Sean O’Sullivan. 

We also pay homage to David Beckham’s queueing stamina, Ken casts his eye over proceedings in London this morning, and we salute Eddie Butler’s love of Wales.  

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