The Second Captains Podcast


Ep 2363: Eoin On A Farm, Ken's Golf Power Rankings, And Then There Were Four - 20/06/22

Eoin is back in the hot-seat, and to celebrate his return, the All-Ireland hurling championship has been whittled down to its last four - Jamie Wall and 2013 All-Ireland winning captain Pat Donnellan join us to discuss the two quarter-finals this week. 

Galway beat Cork, but don’t have a rat’s chance against Limerick, while Shane O’Donnell continues to perform miracles for Clare, even when they’re under-performing. And when Plan A works, but has been rumbled, how important it is to adapt - the two teams that did at the weekend, are still alive this morning. 

Plus there’s Murph’s superpower, Eoin on a farm, Ken's golf power rankings and the butcher of Ballybrack strikes again.

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