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Introducing The Screen Presence Podcast


Welcome to The Screen Presence, brought to you by TAPE Community Music and Film, working in partnership with the Inclusion Team at the BFI. The show aims to present positive examples of people working differently in support of greater representation and opportunities within the screen industries.

Each episode will feature an interview with someone involved with a project which has broken some ground or changed their model of delivery in order to create opportunities, with a specific focus or theme each week.

Across season one, we'll be talking about gender identity, neurodiversity, disability, filmmaking with young people from black and minority ethnic communities and a two-part episode on mental health.

As with all of TAPE’s work, we’ll be looking to create opportunities for people across the delivery. The structure of the show means that we will have a different co-host each week; someone who has a specific interest or awareness linked to the episode’s theme.

In this first episode, you'll be hearing from Jen, Mel, Iyare and Nilan from the Inclusion Team at the BFI. They joined me for this introduction epsiode to share their thoughts and ideas about why this podcast has come about and what we all hope to achieve.

Please subscribe to the show and help us spread the word across the industry and with anyone interested in working differently in order to support people and affect change.

Thank you!

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Artwork: Matt Canning / Herds of Birds

Music: The Sound of Colour Orchestra - a TAPE project in which we have supported a group of people with additional learning needs and disabilities to write and create new music. The Sound of Colour Orchestra will be writing a new theme tune for each season of the show.

Post-production for the show has been supported by TAPE's Media Club, using the podcast as a live brief for participants to develop skills and learning, alongside social and creative opportunities. The TAPE Media Club is funded by the North Wales Learning Disabilities Transformation Project.

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Episode #6: Mental Health (part 2)

Season 1, Ep. 6
Welcome to Episode #6 of The Screen Presence Podcast.We are joined for our sixth podcast and part two of our Mental Health episode by 6ft From the Spotlight's, Matt Longley and co-host, Paul Whittaker from, Four in Four.Please do check out the introduction episode of the podcast to find out a bit more about why we're making the show and what we hope to achieve. We'd also really appreciate it if you could subscribe to the show and share it with colleagues, so we can reach as many people as possible and spread the word about the fantastic work people are doing to promote and support inclusion and greater representation within the screen industries.Our thanks to Matt and Paul for giving their time and support towards this episode. Thanks too to the Inclusion Team at the BFI for their support, Matt Canning for his fantastic artwork and the folks from The Sound of Colour Orchestra at TAPE, for allowing us to use their music for the show.6ft From the SpotlightFour in FourDisability Arts CymruTAPE Community Music and FilmMatt Canning on Instagram: @matt_canning_illustrationThe Film and TV CharityFor friendly, confidential, free advice call the Film and TV Charity Support Line 0800 054 0000.Click for more info and other ways to contactDownload the Film and TV Support Line logo make sure it’s on your email footer, call sheet and signageFollow@FilmTVCharityon social media and support the upcomingbehaviour change campaignSign-up for the charity’s dedicated mental health newsletter the Film &TV Charity’s advice for supporting your mental wellbeing during the pandemic; with others via the Film and TV Charity’s online mental health community, access wellbeing tools and self-guided courses