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The ScotsCare podcast - with Marcus Railton

A series one roundup

Season 1

A brief roundup of the ScotsCare podcast, series one, stay tuned for series two!

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  • 1. Pat Nevin - Former Scotland, Chelsea and Everton football player, commentator and author

    Marcus speaks with Pat Nevin, a Glasgow boy that tried to avoid becoming a footballer, but fate had other ideas! Pat played at the top, with Chelsea, Everton and Scotland, representing his country 28 times. But there's more to him than football, he's an articulate man that has lent his skills to commentating and recently writing two books about his experiences in the beautiful game, Football and How to Survive It and The Accidental Footballer. Pat also speaks about his upbringing, family, the difficult culture around Rangers and Celtic, working abroad and the lack of information there was about autism, to help with the upbringing of his son.
  • 26. Debi Gliori - Scottish-born children's writer and illustrator

    The first series of the ScotsCare podcast ends with childrens’s writer and illustrator, Debi Gliori, author of over 80 books.Debi speaks about life and career and a truly heartbreaking story of an ex-forces homeless man she met on the steps of an Edinburgh train station which inspired one of her most famous books.
  • 25. Dr Joanna McMillan - PhD nutrition scientist, dietitian & food futurist

    This week on the ScotsCare podcast is top nutritional scientist Dr Joanna McMillan.Ever wondered what the gut brain connection is, how important it is or what you can do to make it function optimally?How does it affect mental health, sleep, digestion, anxiety and so many other factors?Joanna was great with guidance with what to eat, what not to eat and how we should also be kind to ourselves.
  • 24. Tony Singh MBE - TV Chef

    Legendary chef Tony Singh MBE hails from Leith, and worked his way up to become the TV chef we all love. He chats about having dyslexia, learning, how Leith used to be, his background, food today and future ambitions. Tune in tomorrow!#tonysingh #leith #food #cooking #chef #scotscare #podcast
  • 23. Chris Murray - Commonwealth Gold and British record holding weightlifter

    Chris Murray is a Commonwealth Games gold medalist and multiple British record holder in weightlifting. He chats with Marcus about what it takes to be a champion weightlifter, what the future holds for him, and his Scottish connection, through his father, who used to train with legendary Scottish sprinter Allan Wells.
  • 22. Alice Clark-Platts - Crime writer and former human rights lawyer

    Alice Clark-Platts is a former human rights lawyer who has worked on cases involving the rapper Snoop Dogg and Winnie Mandela, before her hobby of writing led her to the fantastic thrillers The Cove 🌊 🌋 and the Flower Girls 🌼 amongst others.With a Scottish father, a London upbringing and 10 years in Singapore, Alice has had an insteresting path.
  • 21. Helen Gray - Landmine Clearance Expert

    Demining activities may be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. But Helen Gray doesn't mind.A Scot from just outside Edinburgh, Gray worked with the Hazardous Areas Life-Support Organization, or HALO Trust, a humanitarian demining agency. She led a 400-member demining team in Mozambique in 2009 and has worked in various countries to help remove mines.Now she runs a farm, with livestock, whilst being a landmine advisor for the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD).