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KONST: The role of VR, AR and XR in art + creating intellectual and emotional engagement through immersive experiences (with Lina Aastrup and Solenne Tadros)

Season 1, Ep. 2

In today’s episode, Lina Aastrup joins as co-host. She is a curator and writer with a particular interest in contemporary photography and New Media Art that deals with political and environmental issues of our time. She recently finalised her MA thesis where she investigated the intersection of medium specific qualities of XR and its potential for disruptive art experiences.

We discuss:

  • Disruption of the intersection between art and academia
  • Digitalisation of art and the role of Extended Reality (XR)
  • Political storytelling in the intersection between art and technology

This episode’s special guest is Solenne Tadros, a Jordanian Palestinian creative technologist & artist. She has a Design and Technology degree from Parsons School of Design. Solenne is a storyteller whose works reflect on social, political, and environmental matters. Her VR work has been exhibited in film festivals & exhibitions and featured in magazines like Vogue US, Vogue Espanìa, and many more.

Solenne Tradros will exhibit April 27–30 in Stockholm, Sweden: PRE-EXODUS VR experience and artist talk at Accelerator. 

Leila Khoury Nimry was thirteen years old when she fled her home in Haifa, Palestine during the Nakba in 1948. In PRE-EXODUS she shares the memories of her childhood bedroom, illustrated and developed into a virtual reality experience, created by Jordanian artist Solenne Tadros (b. 1996). The work activates questions of memory, intergenerational trauma, forced displacement and loss of land. PRE-EXODUS will be installed at Accelerator April 28-30, with an artist talk on the evening of April 27at 6 PM to introduce the work and open up a conversation on its related themes

KONST is a show by Scandinavian MIND about contemporary and future art; the interconnection with society, culture, technology, finance and lifestyle. The outlook is primarily at the art world from a Scandinavian perspective, although taking into account the global arena of artists, exhibitions, trade fairs and other current events. The host of KONST is Roland-Philippe Kretzschmar, Editor-at-large at Scandinavian MIND.

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