Scandinavian MIND


Do Nordic brands get TikTok?

Season 4, Ep. 1

Finally, our weekly podcast is back from it (a bit too long) summer hiatus! This week we focus on the rise of the famed social media and entertainment platform.

  • Why it’s more popular than its competition Facebook and Snapchat
  • What happens when new generations start using TikTok as its primary search engine
  • How should brands use TikTok to boost their engagement? Or should they? We talk about the implications of the Chinese ownership.
  • We look at which Nordic brands are doing it best on TikTok.

With: Konrad Olsson, Editor-in-Chief & Founder, Roland Philippe Kretzschmar, Editor-at-Large, and Erik Sedin, Junior Editor.

Our weekly show discusses how technology is transforming the creative industries. 

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