cover art for Season 4 Finale with Kate Jinx, Zoe Coombs Marr, Dave Lawson and Ryan Shelton

The Saturday Quiz

Season 4 Finale with Kate Jinx, Zoe Coombs Marr, Dave Lawson and Ryan Shelton

Season 4, Ep. 47

As we do every year, the rules change for the final episode of the season. Now it is a competition and scores are very much kept (poorly)

The same core group has returned, Kate Jinx and Zoe Coombs Marr on one team and Dave Lawson is joined this time by Ryan Shelton stepping in for Sarah Snook.

There are forty questions to get through, so settle in and enjoy the chaos.

Thanks to everyone who has tuned in all year.

And thanks to Cindy MacDonald for writing the questions

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  • 11. Beans with Fern Brady and John Kearns

    Fern Brady and John Kearns were both contestants on series 14 of the UK tv show Taskmaster - in fact they even scored the exact same amount of points to finish joint last. The good news for them on this podcast is that since there are no other competitors on the quiz, no matter how badly they do, they will finish joint winners Get tickets to Fern’s show - I Gave You Milk to Drink - here: John’s show - The Varnishing Days - here:
  • 10. Pink Pink Stink Nice Drink with Zoë Coombs Marr and Tom Walker

    Zoë Coombs Marr and Tom Walker are two of the funniest and most creative comedians at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. If this episode of the quiz is anything to go by, there are very few boundaries either of them are too cautious to cross. This one comes with a bit of a content warning, so if you’ve got little ones listening, you might wanna skip ahead once Tom talks about his show and when he shares his favourite piece of trivia. 
  • 9. Fresh From Edinburgh with Chloe Petts and Rob Auton

    For an episode of a quiz podcast to promote two comedian's shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, there is an awful lot of chat about soccer in this one.According to the webpages for their shows Chloe Petts and Rob Auton are both English comedians "fresh from Edinburgh" - but as Rob says, what it really should say is that they're "match fit".Listen to this delightful episode and then book tickets to see them both:
  • 8. Mouth Filling with Brian Nankervis and Julia Zemiro

    The episodes of the Quiz with Brian and Julia are always a bit longer than normal and this one is no exception.Stop reading this and just press play and enjoy.Watch the RocKwiz cover of "Keep on Rockin' In The Free World": tickets to RocKwiz Live! RocKwiz’s Really Really Good Friday:
  • 7. Self Rooting with Kirsty Webeck and Daniel Connell

    In this episode, regular guest Kirsty Webeck has brought along a newbie to the quiz, Fellow comedian (and almost fellow Canberran) Daniel Connell. They are both on the road right now, taking their shows around the country. Kirsty's is called "I'll be the Judge of That" and Daniel is a "Little Aussie Battler" But before they do, they have ten questions to answer.Find out when they'll be in a town near you and get tickets to their shows on these websites:https://www.kirstywebeck.com
  • 6. Friend Reviews with Chis Ryan and Luke Heggie

    From paying to be nominated for awards to getting your friends to write your reviews, it's not always easy to make it as a comedian in this country. Two of the best join John on this episode for their fourth time on the podcast - Luke Heggie has been described as “an efficient punchline machine,” while a reviewer called Chris Ryan “one of those rare comedians that are so good at what they do, they make comedy seem easy." Get tickets to their shows here:
  • 5. Lady Balls with Rebecca Massey and Shannen Alyce Quan

    Rebecca Massey and Shannen Alyce Quan are both actors soon to appear in Belvoir’s Holding the Man.This new production comes nearly 20 years after the plays premiere in 2006. Written by Tommy Murphy, the play brings to life the heartfelt and heartbreaking memoir by Timothy Conigrave, about his fifteen year relationship with John. From falling in love at high school in the late 70s, to its devastating conclusion in the early nineties. Get your tickets to Holding the Man here:
  • 4. Pseudonyms with Laurence Boxhall and William McKenna

    The only other person to have hosted this podcast, William McKenna returns as a guest with Laurence Boxhall. Appearing for possibly the only time together on stage in the play "Milked" at Fortyfive Downstairs, these two show off their knowledge across multiple categories including nineteenth-century physicians, US geography and big land animals.Get tickets to "Milked" here:
  • 3. Panic Hotpants with Michelle Brasier

    This is only the second episode of the podcast with just one guest, but Michelle Brasier has more than enough talent to make up for it.Writer, actor, singer, comedian - you name it, she can do it.She's on here today to promote her show at the Malthouse Outdoor stage "Michelle Brasier Songs with my Friends.If you're in Melbourne tonight, you should go and see it.Get tickets here: