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My Big Fat Greek Quiz with Alex Lee and Cameron James

Season 4, Ep. 31

Alex Lee and Cameron James are no strangers to tricky questions. They are both ensemble members of a brand new tv show WTFAQ - The Wednesday night ABC comedy attempts to answer the questions sent in by audience members that range from “Do you need to keep tomato sauce in the fridge?” to “What came first, the chicken or the egg?”

But how do they go with the questions from this week's quiz?

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  • 43. Well, Actually with Tom Ballard and Dilruk Jayasinha

    Two award winning comedians test their knowledge against the quiz this week. Tom Ballard and Dilruk Jayasinha cover a lot of ground in this episode - from Antarctica to pigs to the very nature of evolution and life itself.Get your tickets to the live taping of both their shows on the 4th of December at The Corner Hotel in Richmond here:
  • 42. One More Rant with Anna Samson and Gareth Davies

    For the second week in a row, this episode's guests are cast members from the final production of the year for one of the country’s major theatre companies. This time it’s Belvoir’s turn. The Master and Margarita opened just the other night to five star reviews across the board. The wild Bulgakov novel has been adapted and directed by Belvoir’s artistic director Eamon Flack and stars an ensemble of some of the most creative actors in the country including this episode's guests Anna Samson and Gareth Davies.Get your tickets to The Master and Margarita here:
  • 41. Gift of the Gab with Eloise Snape and Sam O'Sullivan

    As the end of the year fast approaches, theatre companies around the country are mounting their final productions. Shows at this time of year are usually fun, rambunctious affairs full of hope and laughs. Sydney’s Ensemble Theatre is no exception, with the world premiere of Mark Kilmurry and Jamie Oxenbould’s new comedy “Midnight Murder at Hamlington Hall” about to open. Set in the world of amateur theatre, things inevitably go wrong as the characters try to maintain the old adage “the show must go on”Going on this show this episode are two of the cast members Eloise Snape and Sam O’Sullivan.Get your tickets to Midnight Murder at Hamlington Hall here:
  • 40. The French Border with Andrew Hansen and Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor and Andrew Hansen have a long history of creating comedy and satire for the ABC. Happily, that association is set to continue with their upcoming series ‘Australian Epic’. The 6-part extravaganza that takes some of the country’s most colourful true stories, and turns them into musicals. From Steve Bradbury’s unlikely gold medal on ice, to Johnny Depp’s illegal importation of his dogs, Pistol and Boo. But do they know which country had the world's first female prime minister?
  • 39. Not Necessarily Sara Lee with Gillian Cosgriff and David Simes

    Two former wizards on the podcast today.Gillian Cosgriff and David Simes. Gillian the queen of quizzes and former guest.David Simes. Hater of all things quiz related and podcasts.Listen to see how this goes down.Go See 'Actually, Good' - Gillian's 'Best Show' Award winning show. Find dates at her instagram @gilliancosgriff
  • 38. Nearly Drowning with Lucy Goleby and James O'Connell

    Melbourne Theatre Company's most recent play 'My Sister Jill' stars this weeks guests.Lucy Goleby and James O'Connell have worked together on many projects. Can they work together to answer Cindy's 10 questions. Listen and find out!'My Sister Jill' is playing at the Sumner Theatre for one more week.
  • 37. Henry the Pug with Hannah Diviney and Kartanya Maynard

    Two of the most intelligent humans you'll ever stumble across.Hannah currently out with her first book "I'll Let Myself In"Kartanya currently starring in ABC's The Messenger and Gold Diggers and Prime Video's Deadloch.Both know many random facts, do they know the answers to this weeks quiz?
  • 36. Drinking Gin with Kat Stewart and Heidi Arena

    Thank God They're Here. When Kat Stewart and Heidi Arena are not working in critically acclaimed screen and stage they're here on The Saturday Quiz.They've have worked together many times. Can they team up to answer all this week's questions?Watch Kat in 'One Night' streaming on Paramount+.Find Heidi in 'Thank God You're Here' on Tenplay.
  • 35. One-Hundred and Fifty Episodes with John Leary

    It's the 150th anniversary special. Today we are spinning the podcast on its head. I am the guest and actor William McKenna is the host. How good is my general knowledge? Well, we're about to find out.Support this show .