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The Saturday Quiz

Friend Reviews with Chis Ryan and Luke Heggie

Season 5, Ep. 6

From paying to be nominated for awards to getting your friends to write your reviews, it's not always easy to make it as a comedian in this country. Two of the best join John on this episode for their fourth time on the podcast - Luke Heggie has been described as “an efficient punchline machine,” while a reviewer called Chris Ryan “one of those rare comedians that are so good at what they do, they make comedy seem easy." 

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  • 16. Fan Fiction with Tarsh Jago and Imogen Whittaker

    Comedian Tarsh Jago and cabaret artist Imogen Whittaker met in the considerably unlikely world of Aboriginal health policy and advocacy. But these friends found that they share a great deal of common ground. In their defence, the first half of this quiz is pretty tricky. Question writer Cindy MacDonald really didn't hold back this week.See how you go yourself!Get your tickets to Imogen’s show “The Last Word” at the Butterfly Club in Melbourne here:
  • 15. Writing with Worms with Sofija Stefanovic and Liam Pieper

    Liam Pieper and Sofija Stefanovic are old friends who went to high school together. They've since both gone on to write moving and funny memoirs about their childhoods. Sofija wrote about being an immigrant kid in Australia during the dissolution of Yugoslavia, while Liam used his teenage experience of selling pot around the suburbs of Melbourne from the back of his pushbike to tell a story of family, addiction and learning how to live with yourself. And now they tackle the quiz together to promote the Melbourne Writers Festival.Go see Sofija talk with Prize-winning writers Siang Lu (Ghost Cities) and Laura Jean McKay (Gunflower) see Liam in conversation with Bri Lee about their new books about the Australian art world:
  • 14. Plans For Your Good: A Prime Minister's Testimony of God's Faithfulness with David Marr and Sean Kelly

    Sean Kelly and David Marr are two of the sharpest minds in the country writing about politics and unflinchingly examining our history and national character. They are both appearing at the Melbourne Writers Festival on the panel discussion Year in Review: Australian Politics with Laura Tingle and Michael Williams to talk about the year in Australian politics and consider what lies ahead.But do they know the marketing tagline for AAMI Insurance?Listen now to find out.Get tickets here:
  • 13. with Demi Lardner and David Correos

    This episode is possibly the most chaotic the podcast has ever been. Demi and David are masters of surfing the absurd and are both very comfortable teetering at the edge of the abyss of improvisation. They are also both very funny people. See Demi and David in their show at the Sydney Comedy Festival:
  • 12. Upsetting Internationals with Annie Louey and Mohammed Magdi

    Annie Louey and Mohammed Magdi are comedians dating across continents. Annie is Chinese-Australian living in Melbourne. Mohammed is Egyptian but has lived in China for 11 years. Annie is still getting used to learning about her own Chinese culture through an Arab.They first met on Love Island, aka Hong Kong. Annie returned to Australia with a long-distance relationship, a massive medical bill and 25 minutes of new material. Meanwhile Mo stayed back in his Bachelor pad, crying into his bubble tea and scheming about how they could see each other again. And so, their comedy festival show was born.Get tickets to see their show in Melbourne here:
  • 11. Beans with Fern Brady and John Kearns

    Fern Brady and John Kearns were both contestants on series 14 of the UK tv show Taskmaster - in fact they even scored the exact same amount of points to finish joint last. The good news for them on this podcast is that since there are no other competitors on the quiz, no matter how badly they do, they will finish joint winners Get tickets to Fern’s show - I Gave You Milk to Drink - here: John’s show - The Varnishing Days - here:
  • 10. Pink Pink Stink Nice Drink with Zoë Coombs Marr and Tom Walker

    Zoë Coombs Marr and Tom Walker are two of the funniest and most creative comedians at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. If this episode of the quiz is anything to go by, there are very few boundaries either of them are too cautious to cross. This one comes with a bit of a content warning, so if you’ve got little ones listening, you might wanna skip ahead once Tom talks about his show and when he shares his favourite piece of trivia. 
  • 9. Fresh From Edinburgh with Chloe Petts and Rob Auton

    For an episode of a quiz podcast to promote two comedian's shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, there is an awful lot of chat about soccer in this one.According to the webpages for their shows Chloe Petts and Rob Auton are both English comedians "fresh from Edinburgh" - but as Rob says, what it really should say is that they're "match fit".Listen to this delightful episode and then book tickets to see them both:
  • 8. Mouth Filling with Brian Nankervis and Julia Zemiro

    The episodes of the Quiz with Brian and Julia are always a bit longer than normal and this one is no exception.Stop reading this and just press play and enjoy.Watch the RocKwiz cover of "Keep on Rockin' In The Free World": tickets to RocKwiz Live! RocKwiz’s Really Really Good Friday: