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Unsanctioned races

Season 1, Ep. 267

A regular writer for RW, David Smyth joins Rick and Ben to talk about the rise of the unsanctioned race, the role these events play in attracting runners to racing, how they have risen in prominence in recent years and everything else about this 'underground' world of running.

We also talk about joggling. That's very different.

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  • 275. When should you replace your running shoes?

    We're talking running shoe tech and we're joined by Kieran Alger, so we've dusted off his old jingle too (one for the long-time listeners).In the latest issue of the mag (June '24, on sale now) Kieran wrote about the shelf life of modern running shoes, including supershoes, and how to know when to replace them, so he joined us on the pod to talk us through what he found out.
  • 274. How to create stronger feet for running

    They take a lot of pounding and do a lot of work for runners, but are you paying enough attention to your feet? They need some strengthening and TLC if you want to keep them happy and happy feet means happy running. To tell us all how to keep those little piggies nice and strong, podiatrist Tracy Byrne explains all - from exercises to strengthen the feet to how best to deal with injuries and issues that stem from the feet (ingrowing nails, infections, corns, bunions and all the rest), we cover it all.
  • 273. How to recover after a big race

    Running physio Tom Goom gives an expert guide to recovering after a big race. Listen in for advice on making smart decisions in the aftermath of a big race, and how best to capitalise on your hard-earned fitness.For more expert advice on injury and recovery, visit To's website:
  • 272. Georgia Bell: the rising star of British distance running

    On this week's episode, Georgia Bell details her remarkable journey back to elite-level running. An outstanding junior, Bell was seemingly on course to become a star athlete, but after suffering series of injuries while on a scholarship at Berkeley, California, she walked away from the sport in her early 20s – seemingly for good. But lockdown and an impressive parkrun time convinced her to refocus on running – and she's now aiming for Paris 2024.Follow Georgia's running on Instagram: @georgiabelltheduathlete
  • 271. How to cure the post-race blues

    With marathon season drawing to a close, many runners will be battling with the post-race blues. What to focus on now that your big race has finished? This week, RW staffers look at some of the best ways to pick smart goals that will give you a new sense of purpose. Co-host Ben Hobson mentions a study on detraining, which can be accessed at this link.
  • 270. Mastering the mind games of the marathon

    We have Dr Martin Turner from Manchester Met University on the podcast this week, explaining all when it comes to visualising success at the marathon and how embracing the hardship is an essential part of the process. We also hear from some bloke called Eliud Kipchoge.
  • 269. How to run your perfect marathon

    Marathon season is officially upon us. But amid all the fun and excitement, it's easy to become stressed about what lies ahead. So listen to running coach and serial marathoner Laura Fountain talk about the practical steps you can take to make race week – and the race itself – a real success.For more coaching advice from Laura, sign up to her weekly newsletter on substack:
  • 268. How running gives us hope

    On this episode, we speak with three people who are running the London Marathon for Samaritans.Listen to Tamsin, Andy and Saskia talk about running, recovery and how talking helps to lighten the emotional load we all carry round. All three are raising money for Samaritans and their fundraising links are below:Andy: Samaritans: Carrying my 24.7kg bag of worries for the 2024 TCS London Marathon ( Samaritans: 2024 TCS London Marathon for Samaritans ( Samaritans: Sassie’s Marathon Fundraiser for Samaritans ( you've been affected by any of the issues discussed on this week's episode, Samaritans training listening volunteers are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Calls are confidential and free of charge. Just call 116 123.