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The 5 'hardest' races in the world

Season 1, Ep. 219

James Poole joins us to talk through his list of the 'hardest' races in the world. Yes, we all agree that on an individual level, whatever race you're facing is most likely the hardest, but this list is all about those races that have you gawping in wonder at the sheer size and scale of them.

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  • 284. Talking all things Olympics with the BBC

    We've gone to the source this week and spent the afternoon chatting to the BBC Olympic commentary team about Paris 2024, who they're excited to see race, getting some predictions, what it's like to commentate on events as former athletes, online beef and much much more. In this extra special episode we speak Jeanette Kwakye, Denise Lewis, Colin Jackson, Gabby Logan and Jess Ennis Hill. What a line up!
  • 283. How to shop smart for running kit

    There is a lot of running kit out there; an abundance of shoes, fancy tops, smart watches, specialist eyewear and loads of other bits to spend all your hard earned cash on. To try and offer a guiding light on what to spend money on, where savings can be made and when is the best time to get a deal, Ben and Ali chat through the tech you need to care about, the sales that matter and why an £800 running watch isn't necessary.
  • 282. What it's like to be a running influencer

    The power of the running influencer cannot be denied. The online presence and engagement of some amateur runners far outreaches the sway of brands and professional athletes, pulling in views and likes that gets marketing departments all hot and bothered. Joining us to discuss life as a running influencer and what that really means are Dr Becca Salmon, Jenny Mannion and Ian Arnold.
  • 281. "How I went from Couch to Bob Graham Round"

    The Bob Graham Round is a fell-running bucket-list item. It challenges runners to scale 42 peaks, covering 66 miles and 27,000 feet (around an Everest) of elevation, over the course of 24 hours. It tends to be the reserve of the ultra fit, but our guest this week proves that, with the right mindset and training, anyone can do it. Jenny Bushell says: ‘I don't have any kind of athletic background, and there's nothing special about me, except for possibly outsize levels of stubbornness.' Listen to her talk about her remarkable journey on this week's episode. Jenny now leads practical trail running workshops from her base in the Lake District. For more info, check out the links below:web: @intothehillstrailrunning
  • 280. Kilian Jornet: mountain running masterclass

    Kilian Jornet's running CV is unparalleled. From the UTMB to the Western States, via Hardrock and numerous FKTs, the Catalan superstar has won everything. And yet his joy for running and the mountains remains undimmed. We were honoured to catch up with him to talk about why he'll always be motivated to run in the high places of the world.
  • 279. A guide to orienteering

    Joining Ben this week is elite orienteerer Ralph Street, who explains what this discipline within running is all about and why it's simply more than just map reading.
  • 278. Sophie Power: running the length of Ireland

    Ten-minute power naps, knee injuries and sheer determination – Sophie Power gives an unflinching account of what it takes to break a multi-day running record. The 41-year-old mum of three is now the fastest woman to have run the length of Ireland, covering the 350 miles in three days, 12 hours and eight minutes. She talks about embracing the possibility of failure and how she hopes to inspire other women.Follow Sophie on Instagram: @ultra_sophieFind out more about SheRaces:
  • 277. Susie Chan - how to start trail running (and love it)

    Susie Chan is back on the pod and is giving us white-hot knowledge on how to get into and LOVE trail running. She also has a new book coming out called 'Trails and Tribulations', which is great.
  • 276. What does running do to your heart?

    Many of us know surprisingly little about the critically important organ inside our chest. So it's high time we learned a bit more about the heart – the impact running has on it, warning signs to be watchful of, and advice around HRV and max heart rate.To explain all, leading cardiologist Dr Dan Augustine offers his expert insights into the heart. Find out more about Dan's work at the following The NHS also offers a free NHS health check, which looks at heart disease risk, for those aged 40-74 and For additional heart health information, check out the British Heart Foundation