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Sophie Power discusses She Races

Season 1, Ep. 245

Ultra runner Sophie Power joins us to discuss She Races, an organisation aimed at getting more women onto the start line and having a brilliant experience when they race. They want to support more race directors to make their events as accessible and inclusive as possible. We discuss some of the issues that women face with races and what needs to change.

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  • 262. Running and the LGBTQ+ community

    It's LGBT+ History Month, so what better way to celebrate the Queer running community then talk to Andrew Corti from The Frontrunners and RW's Ali Ball about their running, how the gay and running communities co-exist for them and what more can be done to help people struggling to find a community of runners that makes them feel at home.
  • 261. Running the Bob Graham Round in Mid-Winter: Henriette Albon

    Cast your mind back to December. What did you get up to? Eat a little turkey? Drink a little wine? Maybe you even squeezed in a few runs, you legend you. This week's guest pulled on her waterproofs and ran a mid-winter Bob Graham Round in record time. Henriette Albon is now the fastest person to have completed the mid-winter Bob – and she tells us the hows and whys of this incredible feat in an episode that will appeal to anyone with hilly ambitions of their own.Follow Henriette Albon's training and racing on her Insta page: @henriettealbon
  • 260. Aimee Fuller: movement, mindset and running in North Korea

    On this episode, broadcaster and former Olympic snowboarder Aimee Fuller discusses her love of running. It's a passion that's seen her complete marathons around the world, including an unforgettable one in North Korea. As the first woman to land a double sommersault in competition, Aimee knows a bit about conquering your fears, and shares some of those lessons here.Listen to Aimee's Monday Mile podcastFollow Aimee on Instagram: @aimee_fuller
  • 259. Running and shin pain

    Shin splints and shin pain in general can be an injury that crops up all of a sudden and ruin your running experience. Physiotherapist Tom Goom joins us once again to break down what can go wrong with the shin, what exactly are shin splints and how to best approach preventing, treating and recovering from shin injuries.
  • 258. Harassment on the run

    The UK is a relatively safe place from a global perspective, ranking 34th out of 163 countries on the Global Peace Index. But when it comes to running, UK women are over twice as the global average to feel unsafe. In this episode, we’re joined by three female Runner’s World journalists – Jen Bozon, Ali Ball and Rachel Boswell – to find out why that might be, and where some of the solutions lie.In this episode, we reference Strava’s end of year report, RW’s Reclaim Your Run campaign, and recent research conducted by Dr Caroline Miles and Professor Rose Broad. Links to all three of these are below:Strava end of year reportReclaim Your RunDr Miles and Prof Rose Broad
  • 257. How to run your best marathon - part 2

    Running coach and author, Sam Murphy, is back to finish off our 'run your best marathon' double bill. We discuss the final stages of marathon prep and include recovery in this episode too.
  • 256. How to run your best marathon - part 1

    It may be the thing you've decided to do this year, or you're running a marathon again but would like to try and improve on your last effort. Either way, beginner or seasoned pro, running coach Sam Murphy joins us to chat through the principles she lays out in her new book and they are so great, we're making this one a two parter!
  • 255. How to get the most from heart rate training

    What exactly is heart rate training? What kit do you need to do it accurately? And what are some of the benefits? On this episode, utrarunner and coach Robbie Britton answers there questions and more.
  • 254. The running highlights of 2023

    Gathered in a meeting room, sharing mics and anecdotes, this is the 2023 Team Runner's World year recap. Who thought that Kipchoge showed signs of fading? Who decided that Tigst Assefa's Berlin win was more significant than a sub-2 marathon?You better listen to find out. Hot takes guaranteed.