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Lauren Fleshman: my life running in a man's world

Season 1, Ep. 199

Lauren Fleshman is one of the most decorated distance runners in US history. And her experience at the sharp end of athletics has given her a unique insight into a system ‘designed by men, for men’. Part memoir, part manifesto, her new book, Good for a Girl, is a rallying cry for a reform of the sports landscape.

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  • 279. A guide to orienteering

    Joining Ben this week is elite orienteerer Ralph Street, who explains what this discipline within running is all about and why it's simply more than just map reading.
  • 278. Sophie Power: running the length of Ireland

    Ten-minute power naps, knee injuries and sheer determination – Sophie Power gives an unflinching account of what it takes to break a multi-day running record. The 41-year-old mum of three is now the fastest woman to have run the length of Ireland, covering the 350 miles in three days, 12 hours and eight minutes. She talks about embracing the possibility of failure and how she hopes to inspire other women.Follow Sophie on Instagram: @ultra_sophieFind out more about SheRaces:
  • 277. Susie Chan - how to start trail running (and love it)

    Susie Chan is back on the pod and is giving us white-hot knowledge on how to get into and LOVE trail running. She also has a new book coming out called 'Trails and Tribulations', which is great.
  • 276. What does running do to your heart?

    Many of us know surprisingly little about the critically important organ inside our chest. So it's high time we learned a bit more about the heart – the impact running has on it, warning signs to be watchful of, and advice around HRV and max heart rate.To explain all, leading cardiologist Dr Dan Augustine offers his expert insights into the heart. Find out more about Dan's work at the following The NHS also offers a free NHS health check, which looks at heart disease risk, for those aged 40-74 and For additional heart health information, check out the British Heart Foundation
  • 275. When should you replace your running shoes?

    We're talking running shoe tech and we're joined by Kieran Alger, so we've dusted off his old jingle too (one for the long-time listeners).In the latest issue of the mag (June '24, on sale now) Kieran wrote about the shelf life of modern running shoes, including supershoes, and how to know when to replace them, so he joined us on the pod to talk us through what he found out.
  • 274. How to create stronger feet for running

    They take a lot of pounding and do a lot of work for runners, but are you paying enough attention to your feet? They need some strengthening and TLC if you want to keep them happy and happy feet means happy running. To tell us all how to keep those little piggies nice and strong, podiatrist Tracy Byrne explains all - from exercises to strengthen the feet to how best to deal with injuries and issues that stem from the feet (ingrowing nails, infections, corns, bunions and all the rest), we cover it all.
  • 273. How to recover after a big race

    Running physio Tom Goom gives an expert guide to recovering after a big race. Listen in for advice on making smart decisions in the aftermath of a big race, and how best to capitalise on your hard-earned fitness.For more expert advice on injury and recovery, visit To's website:
  • 272. Georgia Bell: the rising star of British distance running

    On this week's episode, Georgia Bell details her remarkable journey back to elite-level running. An outstanding junior, Bell was seemingly on course to become a star athlete, but after suffering series of injuries while on a scholarship at Berkeley, California, she walked away from the sport in her early 20s – seemingly for good. But lockdown and an impressive parkrun time convinced her to refocus on running – and she's now aiming for Paris 2024.Follow Georgia's running on Instagram: @georgiabelltheduathlete
  • 271. How to cure the post-race blues

    With marathon season drawing to a close, many runners will be battling with the post-race blues. What to focus on now that your big race has finished? This week, RW staffers look at some of the best ways to pick smart goals that will give you a new sense of purpose. Co-host Ben Hobson mentions a study on detraining, which can be accessed at this link.