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Joe Holder

Season 1, Ep. 240

An athlete from a young age, Joe Holder has always strived to be the best athlete and person he can and he applies that same logic to his running. He's now a global trainer for Nike, has had a roster of famous clients, continues to push what he thinks he's capable of, but more importantly, is trying to spread the movement message to the world.

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  • 252. Everything you need to know about hamstring injuries

    The hamstring plays a critical role in the running gait, but it's also a likely candidate for injury. Leading running physio Tom Goom ( has a particular specialism in the hamstring, and comes on the show to tell us how runners can strengthen and/or heal their hammies.
  • Emma Pooley tells us why running is her first love

    We are joined by Emma Pooley, who did loads of proper elite racing on a bike and then stopped and now does loads of stuff, but running is front and centre and she's really good at it. Now representing Switzerland in trail and mountain world champs, we caught up with Emma to discuss how trail running is more friendly as a sport, how she doesn't want to sell anyone any kit, how here dad who went running everyday is her hero and much more.
  • 250. How to Cure Runner's Knee

    Runner's knee (or patellofemoral pain syndrome) is one of the most common running ailments. It's characterised by a dull pain around the front of the knee and can get worse quickly if not addressed. On this episode of the Runner's World podcast, leading running physio Tom Goom ( offers his expert advice on how to identify, recover from, and avoid runner's knee.
  • 249. 10 marathon mistakes – and how not to make them

    Going out too fast. Trying something new on race day. Forgetting to do an strength and conditioning in training. Marathon mistakes are myriad – and Team RW have made most of them. But we're here to offer our hard-won wisdom on how to avoid these pitfalls and run the race of your life.
  • 248. Strength and conditioning for runners made easy

    Our guest this week is Dr Richard Blagrove, senior lecturer of Physiology at Loughborough University as well as a strength and conditioning coach. We chat how much strength and conditioning work runners should do, what that looks like in the gym, what exercises should you be doing and how it'll benefit your running. It's surprising easy too!
  • 247. How to get faster

    On this week's episode, we attempt to answer that eternal running question: how do I get faster? To help us do this, we're joined by Tom Craggs, national endurance manager for England Athletics. He tells you how to introduce speedwork sensibly, how much of it you need to do, and why quick running in training isn't enough in itself to race quickly over long distances.
  • 246. Matt Hudson-Smith: running the perfect 400m

    On this episode, Team GB star Matt Hudson-Smith gives us an insight into the pain and payoff of 400m training.
  • 245. Sophie Power discusses She Races

    Ultra runner Sophie Power joins us to discuss She Races, an organisation aimed at getting more women onto the start line and having a brilliant experience when they race. They want to support more race directors to make their events as accessible and inclusive as possible. We discuss some of the issues that women face with races and what needs to change.
  • 244. Joe French: barefoot running and PTSD

    On this week's episode, film-maker and runner Joe French discusses his new book, Out of Mind, which details tragedy of Mount Everest – and how French was brought back to health by barefoot running. Pick up a copy of Out of Mind here.