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Is running backwards the injury-prevention hack you need?

Season 1, Ep. 206

Is it time to turn your back on running? With the search term 'backwards running' becoming ever more popular, it seems more of use are putting our running into reverse gear. Converts say it bulletproofs their knees, but what evidence currently exists as to its benefits? Running physio Tom Goom ( sifts through the latest studies to give us an expert opinion on the pros and cons of backwards running.

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  • 226. How athletes inform new running products

    Not to bang on about it, but Ben went to Kenya recently and got to see how adidas use their athletes to test and feedback on new products. In this episode, you'll hear us out on the roads of Iten following athletes, feedback over a cup of tea and then a longer chat with Spencer, who is senior director of sports marketing for running at adidas and we talked about how product is informed by athletes, the need for innovation, the end consumer and much more.
  • 225. Running with bipolar disorder and OCD

    Our guest this week is Simon Lamb, a runner, massage therapist, teacher and writer who suffers from a severe form of bipolar disorder and Obsessive Compolsive disorder (OCD), which has at times become life threatening. Simon kindly came and met for a chat about running and how it’s always been part of life, the role it plays in managing his bipolar and OCD and how it has improved his mental and physical health. We also talk about his change to a vegan diet, reversing his diabetes, his love of books and much more. As a warning, we do discuss topics such as suicide in the podcast,You can find out more about Simon and on his Go Fund Me
  • 224. Should you switch to a 10-day training cycle?

    Most runners train on a 7-day cycle, with the long run on the weekend. But could a 10-day (or even 14-day) training cycle be a better approach? Coach and Team GB ultrarunner Robbie Britton discusses the pros and cons of the 10-day schedule.Find Robbie on Instagram @ultrabritton and at
  • Tom Craggs: Mastering the 10K

    With the Night of the 10K PBs happening this Saturday (20th May), we speak with RW columnists and England Athletics' head of road running Tom Craggs about how to get the most from yourself over the classic distance.
  • 222. Rachel Hewitt discusses her new book, In Her Nature

    This week, we’re speaking with author and trail runner Rachel Hewitt about her new book In Her Nature: How Women Break Boundaries in the Great Outdoors that documents the unsung heroes of female running and how their history and achievements are being lost. You can order Rachel's book here at Penguin Books
  • 221. Susie Chan: how to make treadmill running fun

    She's run in deserts, jungles and mountains, but ultrarunner Susie Chan can now be most frequently found on a treadmill – specifically, as one of Peloton's running instructors. She talks about her route into running, hallucinating during an ultramarathon and why treadmill running is much more fun than people think.Check out Susie's running on Instagram: @susie_chan_
  • 220. Bonus episode: The coach, Claudio Berardelli

    This bonus episode from Ben's trip to Kenya features a conversation with Claudio Berardelli, head coach at 2 Running Club in Kenya and the man behind the plan that is producing some of the fastest distance athletes in the world right now, including Evans Chebet, Benson Kipruto, Amos Kipruto and many more.Is there such a thing as the 'Kenyan' training method? Let's find out.
  • 219. The 5 'hardest' races in the world

    James Poole joins us to talk through his list of the 'hardest' races in the world. Yes, we all agree that on an individual level, whatever race you're facing is most likely the hardest, but this list is all about those races that have you gawping in wonder at the sheer size and scale of them.
  • 218. Bonus Episode - Amos Kipruto

    A part of the ongoing series of bonus episodes from Ben's trip to Kenya, here is a conversation with defending London Marathon champion, Amos Kipruto. Ben join Amos at 2 Running Club, a training camp in the town of Kapsebet that is pretty much a second home for many of adidas’s top runners, including the recently crowned 2023 Boston Marathon champ Evans Chebet.Ben and Amos discussed the success that this running club is having, the reasons why the runners are performing so well, Amos’s ambitions to defend his title at the weekend and how a positive outlook even in the face of injury is the only way to be successful as a runner.