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The Ross Trevena Project

Side Quest: EP42 with Abigail

Ep. 42

In this episode of The Ross Trevena Project, guest Abigail from The Manic Pixie Weirdo Podcast talks about her show, living with a curious mind, death and being diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood.

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  • 47. Public Toilet Situation: EP47 with Kris Dee

    Wondiful episode with my old buddy Kris Dee sorry about the sound qualty I had to use back up recordings for this one, but in regards to topics covered this was a great one, we talk about Kris' music, outside poos, drug addiction and Feesh decides to air out some old gripes he had with Kris which was very funny, your in for a good one this week.Music in the break:Joanna and the Dropouts - Midnight SurfMusic at the end:Kris Dee - MadnessLink to Madness Video: us on Instagram:@krisdeeboomboxcommittee@trtppod
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  • 45. Upside Down Man: EP45 with Feesh

    Hello back once again with an anouther episode I recorded a little while ago, on this episode Feesh returns to grace us with his wisdom and does very well at putting up and with me and being entertaining while I ask him random questions. If you like this episode then feel free to subscribe and check out some other episodes, here is a link to the first time Feesh was on the show and we had a blast:
  • 44. We're Back: EP44 with Liam Amies

    Back once again after a long break and excited to be bringing you regularly schedualed content once again, what better way to start the new year of podcasting but with a visit from the wondiful Liam Amies, we talk alot of nonesence mainly and have alot of fun, hope you enjoy it.PS You may notice from some of the topics covered that this episode was recorded a little while ago, so don't let that confuse, anywyas thats all from me, enjoy the show.Link to 21st Century Liberal Man:
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    In this episode of The Ross Trevena Project, guest Cloudy Clouds talks about hiphop, uber share, his album Imprisoned in a Daydream and his up coming play Dawn Again.Link to Imprisoned in a Daydream: Instagram:
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    In this episode of The Ross Trevena Project, guest Pixie from Next On Stage One talks about working as a stripper, juice bars, OnlyFans and DixPix.Get Those Links:
  • 40. Moose Take Out The Trash: EP40 with David Heller

    In this episode of The Ross Trevena Project, guest David Heller talks about music, how he got started with break dancing, how he got involved with Team Cyber Yoga and the orgins of his nickname Doctor Moose.Get Those Links:
  • 39. It Began In Africa: EP39 with Rhythmical Mike

    In this episode of The Ross Trevena Project, guest Rhythmical Mike talks about growing up on a farm in a small town, his travels to Australia and South Africa, why he started writing poatry and some of the internal struggles he has had to face.LINKS: Word Old Farm Bus + Podcast Making