The Romani Tea Room


Season 2/Episode 1: You are being watched

Season 2, Ep. 1

You are being watched - Campaigners and activists warn us about this. They say that the systems of mass surveillance and facial recognition in European countries violate human rights and hit vulnerable minorities even more.   


In the EU mass surveillance is illegal. For private companies it is controlled by GDPR. There is also a law enforcement directive for the police, which giving a legal basis on how to deploy facial recognition, and other forms of biometric mass surveillance and when to do this. They are always justified for reasons of national security, but the question is, how proportional are such decisions to particular aims, and whether or not they can be substituted by something else?

In this episode of the Romani Tea Room we will try to figure out who might be watching all of us and decide whether it is simply a breach of the GDPR or a human rights issue that should concern us all. To find out, I am joined by Ella Jakubowska, who is a Policy Advisor at the international advocacy group European Digital Rights; and Benjamin Ignac, who is Croatian Roma and a Policy Research Fellow at Open Society Foundations.

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