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Fair Play Festival: EP 2

Welcome to The Rodeo On Record

This episode, our writers speak with three of the artists appearing at the first ever Fair Play Festival, taking place across Manchester’s Northern Quarter on Saturday, 2nd April. 

We hear clips from the Big Smoke rock duo Horsey, art-rockers Blue Bendy, dream-pop duo Robbie & Mona, and indie-rock group Bull. All of the interviews you hear are available to read in full, free of charge, on our website.  

Listen next time to hear from three other artists playing the festival: London punkers Big Joanie, the ‘genre-fluid’ Northern lot YAANG, and dance-floor activists Regressive Left.


The Rodeo is an independent music magazine showcasing the best in new music across genres of alternative, indie and Americana. From interviews to feature articles, the mag encompasses everything we love about gig-going, vinyl-collecting and playlist-making. This podcast offers a behind-the-scenes look at our content, bringing you snippets of our interviews in their most organic form.



‘Sippy Cup’, Horsey.

‘Spring 100’, Blue Bendy.

Compilation from EW, Robbie & Mona.

‘Green’, Bull.

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