The Right Questions


Can I Really Have IT All?

Ep. 13

We each have a definition of success that is unique and dynamic; how success looks to us today could be different from how it looks in a month. And we know, achieving that success is virtually always the making of one person, ourselves. We tend to tell ourselves that we don't deserve what we want, we are not worthy, nor good enough. We rarely stop to think that to succeed, there must be alignment in our lives; there must be joy, love, self-compassion, integrity, good health, and not simply a seven figure bank account. 

In this episode, we chat with Kalika Yap, the ideal guest to answer today's question, Can I Really Have IT All? Kalika is a serial entrepreneur, author, podcast host of two different shows, speaker, inventor, and mom. She is also the CEO of the award-winning brand agency Citrus Studios, CEO & Founder of Orange & Bergamot, CEO of Luxe Link, Founder of the Waxing Company, MyCommerce investor, and Board of Trustee at Seven Arrows Elementary School. 

Kalika is one of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) Los Angeles Chapter leaders, currently serving on the EO Global Communications Committee. She is the host of The Juicery Podcast and EO Wonder Podcast. 

The daughter of immigrants who struggled to make their way in the United States, Kalika earned her Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the University of New York. She worked as a journalist at CNBC and Bloomberg, getting several minutes 'on-air' -- her definition of success at the time. But an unexpected shift in her life would leave her homeless, far from her friends and relatives, and with no other choice than to embrace the process of radical acceptance and allow herself to pursue the joy and adventure of thriving in uncertainty. 

Kalika kindly shares her vision of success, happiness, acceptance, courage, integrity, openness, and much more in this enlightening conversation. 

To learn more, tune in to Episode 13 of The Right Questions!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Doing our best is within our power (10:56)
  • Mastering the art of letting go of our expectations (15:06)
  • Our "lows" don't define who we are (26:18)
  • Branding is a feeling (34:13)
  • We have to lift others as we rise (45:05)


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How Do I Go From Ideas to Action?

Ep. 23
It was the winter of 2019, life was going great, and 2020 was looking bright! After finishing his doctoral program, Deazell Johnson felt at the top of his game, ready to move into his first teaching experience and satisfied with the opportunities he had manifested. Then, life happened! The pandemic hit, and soon after, in a span of only two weeks, he lost two family members to non-COVID-related deaths. Deazell felt himself slipping back into a dark place he thought he had overcome; where financial, racial, & homophobic hardships left him anxious and depressed. At this point, feeling stuck inside all of this loss, Deazell’s accomplishments didn't mean anything to him. Life was tough, it was difficult to manage his mind, he was going in circles, and making little progress. With 2021 right around the corner, Deazell decided it was time to make changes in his life. The following day, he discovered The Right Questions Podcast for the first time... That was the turning point!We are thrilled to bring servant leader Deazell Johnson Ed.D to the show; he is an Adjunct Faculty Member at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), and California Lutheran University. Deazell is also an Academic Advisor & Mentor at California State University, Northridge. He holds a BA in Screenwriting, an MA in Educational Administration in Higher Education, and an EdD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from California State University, Northridge.In this episode, Deazell helps us answer today's question, How Do I Go From Ideas to Action? We talk about intersectionality, the power of habits, consistency, self-value, and the importance of being open-minded and receptive to people's thoughts and guidance. Deazell also talks about his identity, his experiences with intersectionality as a queer black male, and the pressure of finding a role model.The way Deazell has absorbed, repurposed, and consistently applied our content and suggestions to improve his mind and life has been deeply moving for us to hear about. His story is uniquely inspiring and demonstrates, in concrete ways, how to take our ideas and put them into action. Deazell provides so much raw honesty and value, this episode is definitely a must-listen!Some Questions We Ask:You mentioned that the podcast came around at a time when you were looking for something. Could you talk about that? (10:21)Have you developed a question yourself? What questions are you using to guide you, and how are those working to transform you? (19:09)You mentioned breaking out of your mental prison, and that ties right to building change resilience. What actions can you share with us that you're doing and have done? (38:54)In This Episode, You Will Learn:Deazell's ups and downs. From manifesting a dreamed reality to having to start all over again (11:29)How asking the right questions gave Deazell a new perspective and helped him rise (15:05)The power of committing to ourselves (25:13)Forming a habit. From comfort to courage zone (32:31)How Deazell went from idea to action (43:15)Connect with Deazell:LinkedInConnect With Bridget Sampson:WebsiteInstagramLinkedInConnect With Todd Parker:InstagramLinkedInSampson Coaching and Consulting:Sampson Coaching and ConsultingThe Right Questions Podcast on YouTubeSampson Coaching and Consulting Videos on YouTubeBridget’s TED TalkInstagramFacebook

Why Invest Time in Spiritual Growth?

Ep. 22
Soon after Cherise started interacting with other kids, she realized that her childhood and upbringing were anything but typical. She was born at home, the daughter of Jewish and Christian parents who celebrated both religions but continued seeking answers, constantly exploring new spiritual spaces, trying to find the path to truth. Dinner conversations commonly centered around books such as The Alchemist or The Celestine Prophecy. Cherise realized that most people weren't on the same path as her, and this boosted her curiosity and need to find life’s truths. Cherise started to understand that as she went deeper into her spirituality and honed her spiritual practice, everything in her life became better!In today’s episode, we welcome the intelligent and divinely tuned-in Cherise Bangs -- Actress, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, Tarot Card Reader, Reiki Master, and Co-curator of Madison Charles Oils. She helps us answer the question, Why Invest Time in Spiritual Growth? Cherise has starred in an array of hit TV shows and films like To Tell The Truth, iCarly, 3 Days Gone, and The Ones, to name a few. She loves coaching people to be the best version of themselves through Ayurvedic consultations, private yoga and meditation sessions, sound healing, Reiki, and Tarot card readings.Throughout this episode, we talk with Cherise about the spiritual connection people are constantly craving, the power of mantras, and the need for compassionate self-reflection. Cherise shares valuable insights on the importance of having a positive outlook and being free in our minds. We also talk about love, marriage, and the ways life partners can inspire each other to become the best possible versions of themselves.Some Questions We Ask:What is spiritual growth? (8:14)What are some of the practices that help us get to a place of love, joy, and connection? (11:37)Saying a mantra, what does that really do for me? Why would I say that to myself, over and over again? What's the purpose? (16:02)What are we missing when we're so stuck in the “doing”? (20:53)You have this whole Hollywood career, yet you break every stereotype; you are the most generous, kind, giving, authentic person. How did those jive together? (33:34)In This Episode, You Will Learn:How Cherise found spirituality and, in so, her place in the world (9:34)About the power of mantras and their millenary tradition (16:07)Spiritual practice can take us anywhere (21:26)The power of being free in our minds (23:46)Cherise's brilliant answer to our previous guest's question (37:14)Resources:Cherise Bangs websiteCherise Bangs Link TreeIMDBBook: Paulo Coelho - The AlchemistBook: James Redfield - The Celestine ProphecyConnect with Cherise:InstagramFacebookYouTubeTwitterConnect With Bridget Sampson:WebsiteInstagramLinkedInConnect With Todd Parker:InstagramLinkedInSampson Coaching and Consulting:Sampson Coaching and ConsultingThe Right Questions Podcast on YouTubeSampson Coaching and Consulting Videos on YouTubeTED TalkInstagramFacebook

How Can I Be A Servant Leader?

Ep. 21
Servant leadership is much more complex than traditional leadership, where leaders build walls around themselves, use their authority to tell people what to do, and don’t care much about the people they're leading on a personal level. Servant leadership requires compassion, discipline, consistent levels of energy, emotional and mental stability, and the ability to deliver an A game daily. Being a servant leader is not the easiest choice but certainly the most rewarding, and today's guest, Dan Greene, is here to talk with us about this important subject.Dan Greene is the Senior Vice President of North American Sales & Growth at Impossible Foods. He is an accomplished sales manager and leader with vast experience in leading groups in dynamic and challenging situations. Some of his past experiences are Vice President of Sales at Twitter, Director of New Products and Solutions at Google, and Board Member at HSMAI, just to name a few. Prior to serving as a leader in multiple organizations, Dan was a Fighter Pilot and Director of Operations in the Navy.Dan is certainly the right person to answer today's question, How can I be a servant leader? He shares brilliant nuggets of what it means to be a servant leader and helps us understand the differences between traditional and servant leadership. We talk about his extensive experience in leadership, how his military background influenced his leadership qualities, and the principles that drive his daily actions and life.Some Questions We Ask:Servant leadership is something we've studied, we teach, and we're all very passionate about. Could you expand on this idea? What is servant leadership to you? (8:38)Could you speak about the contrast between traditional and servant leadership, since you've experienced both of those styles? (10:44)Why do you choose to be a servant leader when being a traditional one is way easier? (17:17)How do all these leadership principles show up at home with your kids? (36:57)In This Episode, You Will Learn:Dan's leadership philosophy (9:03)The challenges of being a servant leader (11:22)How Dan expresses his core values through his leadership (18:29)The most challenging thing to do as a servant leader (20:49)No one asking questions and accepting everything the leader says is a bad sign (28:35)Resources mentioned:Book: Kim Scott - Radical Candor: How to Get What You Want by Saying What You MeanMedium Article: Dan Greene - 30 years, 30 lessons in LeadershipConnect with Dan:LinkedInConnect With Bridget Sampson:WebsiteInstagramLinkedInConnect With Todd Parker:InstagramLinkedInSampson Coaching and Consulting:Sampson Coaching and ConsultingThe Right Questions Podcast on YouTubeSampson Coaching and Consulting Videos on YouTubeTED TalkInstagramFacebook