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Gemma Newman, MD On Optimizing Hormone Health

Ep. 678

Today’s episode explores nutrition, lifestyle  and overall well-being with a particular focus on hormone health – particularly (but not exclusively) women’s hormone health, aging, and reproductive care – with Gemma Newman., MD.

A Senior Partner at a family medicine practice in the U.K. and author of ‘The Plant Power Doctor’, Gemma is a graduate of the University of Wales College of Medicine with expertise in a variety of specialities, including elder care, endocrinology, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, general surgery, and urology.

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Final Note: As a compendium to this conversation, Gemma created an impressively thorough document detailing all scientific references for this episode and many other helpful, additional resources. I strongly encourage you to download this free document HERE.

Peace + Plants,


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