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Rishi Sunak's doctor, Rory's Brad Pitt deal, and Iranian regime change?

**RORY AND ALASTAIR'S NEW PODCAST... The Rest Is Politics: Leading**

Rory and Alastair are launching a new podcast - 'Leading'!

Starting on Monday 16th January, a weekly episode will be released where they speak to captivating individuals - from both inside and outside of politics - about life, leadership, and leading the way in their chosen field.

As you'll hear in the excerpt at the end of this Question Time pod, Michael Heseltine is the first guest, with his episode coming out this Monday, 16th January.

To find this episode and subscribe to our new podcast feed, on Monday morning just search 'Leading' and 'Michael Heseltine' wherever you get your podcasts, or head over to our Twitter and Instagram pages to find the link to listen.

Question Time:

Is it practical to ban private schools? Should it be compulsory for students to be taught Maths until the age of 18? Is it true that Brad Pitt bought Rory's life rights?

Listen to this week's Question Time to hear these questions answered, plus questions on Sunak, Starmer, Iran and NHS working conditions.

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