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Question Time: Hong Kong handover, human rights, and Tintin

Welcome to the first ever episode of 'TRIP: Question Time'!

During our Question Time pods, Rory and Alastair will attempt to answer even more of the fantastic listener questions we get each week.

While the Wednesday pod will still dig into the main issues of the day, TRIP QT allows Alastair and Rory to debate wide-ranging topics and recount stories from their lives in politics and beyond.

This week the pod covers prisons, how to talk to totalitarian leaders about human rights, Alastair's memories of the Hong Kong handover, how Tintin inspired Rory, Alastair's most right wing view, Rory's most left wing view, and how your upbringing can shape your political outlook.






Producer: Dom Johnson

Exec Producers: Tony Pastor & Jack Davenport

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