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210. London: Places

Welcome to the second episode in our new mini-series: LONDON WEEK.

From Monday to Friday we'll release an episode daily. Monday's 'Londinium' and Thursday's 'Haunted London' are live episodes we recorded on location earlier this year. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday we're releasing episodes on 'Places', 'People', and 'Moments' from London's past.

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London: Places

In the second episode of London Week, Tom and Dominic focus on two very different historical places in London's past, discussing Barking Abbey and the 2i's Coffee Bar.


After the first live show sold out, we've managed to secure an evening slot on the same day and at the same venue!

Sunday 13th November 2022 - evening

Clapham Grand, London

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Producer: Dom Johnson

Exec Producers: Jack Davenport + Tony Pastor






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