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186. The New Elizabethan Age

The longest reigning monarch in British history, Elizabeth II acceded to the throne 70 years ago.

To mark the occasion, Tom and Dominic are joined by Frances Christie, Deputy Chairman of Sotheby's UK and Ireland, who specialises in 20th century British art and culture. Together they drill down into some of the cultural, artistic and historic happenings that have taken place during the Queen's reign.

Sotheby's, the sponsors of this episode, are putting on a celebratory month-long programme of exhibitions and events to dovetail with the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Six of the pieces on display are discussed in detail during the pod, ranging from a Warhol portrait to the tiara that Princess Diana wore on her wedding day.

For more information on Sotheby's exhibitions, visit:

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Producer: Dom Johnson

Exec Producers: Jack Davenport & Tony Pastor






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