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The Reride Podcast

Ep. 26 Ft Rylee & Klay Ward

Season 1, Ep. 26

In today's episode, we delve into the lives of two remarkable New Zealand cowboys, Rylee & Klay Ward, who also happen to be brothers. We engage in lively rodeo discussions with these boys, sharing their journey down the road and supporting each other in achieving their goals. Sitting down with them was a fantastic experience as we explored the world of bull riding in New Zealand, gaining valuable insights from two individuals who find joy in riding bulls professionally. They provide a unique perspective on the dedication required to chase a dream.

The state of origin competition is back, sparking playful banter among the participants. The call line segment returns, leading to a hilarious moment of confusion for Rylee that left everyone in stitches. Taran shares astonishing Australian bull riding statistics that are truly remarkable and unheard of. One of the boys encountered some drama, which led to an intriguing story! This episode is filled with entertaining and humorous stories that are a must-listen. Taran even mentioned that this might be his favorite episode yet, featuring two individuals who excel in this sport.

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    Episode 24 of The Reride Podcast kicks off with a beef week recap. Ben and Boston spill the tea on their daring entry into a private function, blending in like pros. The government's decision to halt live sheep exports is a major talking point, especially for small towns deeply impacted by this trade. Exciting rodeo results in this week, but one leaves the boys a bit riled up; tune in to discover who got the short end of the stick. Randy Travis is back on the music scene, and his return story is truly remarkable. The boys also share some hilarious horse-riding stacks, including an unforgettable alpaca tale you won't want to miss that left one of the boys dusting himself off. This episode is packed with laughter to brighten your day, Hope you enjoy!
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    Hey everyone, we're finally back after a couple of weeks away. Taran took a holiday to the big city and discovered a newfound love for red wine and steak. Now, it's Rockhampton beef week 2024, and we're all heading there to join in the fun. On the first day, they had dog sales, and guess what? One dog sold for a massive amount, setting a new world record! Taran also played a super inspiring video that got all of us pumped up. Life can be like a game of Chinese whispers, so it's important to check on our mates and lift each other up. But here's the kicker: Caiden hit us with a question that had us all tip-toeing around in confusion. The boys have a new guy on the controls to help with all the recording, jump on for a listen to find out who has joined the team! This episode has plenty of laughs and good chat and definitely one not to miss.
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    In today's episode 22, we're diving into all our recent crazy encounters with life. Taran shares his experience of getting abused at the servo, along with some intense pedestrian crossing rage and people losing loads out of their trailers and more. Ben just got back from the USA and he'll take us through his eventful trip, complete with all the ups and downs with the troubles he had flying. Taran also has a new challenge for the boys and all the listeners. And guess what? The ghost stories are back, and they've been messing with us, it’s a must listen. Lastly, Taran is heading to the Gold Coast for a holiday and he's excited to share the adventures he'll be getting up to while he's down there. So tune in for a great laugh and good listen!