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The Reality Bite: Jungle Nights

Tanya's Sexy Jungle Podcast - Perez Hilton

Season 1, Ep. 2

Tanya brings Perez down to the creek for a quality one-on-one. Perez decides he has questions too so he interviews Tanya as Tanya tries to interviews him!

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  • 4. Dipper's DMs Episode 4 - Adam and Symon

    Dipper wants to get to know his newest campmates a little better. Former Googlebox stars Adam and Symon have found themselves in the jungle and straight on to the set of Dipper's talk show!
  • 3. Dipper's DMs Episode 3 - Marriage

    In this episode of Dipper's DMs, Dipper chats to the camp about their thoughts on marriage after the big jungle nuptials!
  • 2. Dipper's DMs Episode 2 - Welcome Alli!

    New camper Alli Simpson gets interviewed by Dipper in front of a jungle studio audience.
  • 1. Dipper's DMs Episode 1 - Why DM?

    In this first episode of his new talk show, Dipper not only finds out what a DM is but also tries to get to the bottom of why Ash sent Abbie the famous DM when she left him on 'seen'.
  • Jungle Nights Season 2

    A voice-over artist tries to record a promo for the new season of the Jungle Nights podcast.....'I'm A Celebrity..Get Me Out of Here!' is back for 2020 and so is our 'The Reality Bite: Jungle Nights' podcast! Keep your eye on this feed for episodes coming soon.Catch IAC Sunday to Thursday on Channel 10 or catch it on 10Play if you miss the TV broadcast.
  • 3. Tanya's Sexy Jungle Podcast - Charlotte Crosby and Miguel Maestre

    Despite being distracted by hecklers and the occasional showering cast-mate, Tanya chats to Charlotte and Miguel about their hobbies, highs and lows they've experienced and what made them want to enter the jungle.
  • 1. Tanya's Sexy Jungle Podcast - Billy Brownless & Dale Thomas

    Tune in to Baboon FM! Tanya has an in-depth chat to the two AFL legends, delving deeper into their lives than a sports journo has ever dared!Catch Tanya and all her cast-mates in 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!' on Channel 10 at 7:30 Sunday to Thursday or catch-up on 10play!