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EP 25: Dmitriy Fomichenko - Solo 401K Uncovered

Ep. 25

Outline of the Episode:

[00:00:52] Introduction: Growing up in Russia, moving to the U.S., mechanical engineering, and solo 401(k)’s.

[00:07:49] Don’t rely on just your full-time job, diversify your income sources!

[00:09:55] A solo 401(k) crash course: What is it, and what benefits does it give you?

[00:14:25] Is it possible to use a solo 401(k) in combination with a health savings account? Is that even profitable?

[00:15:47] The similarities between a Solo 401(k) and Self-Directed IRAs in purchasing real estate or investing.

[00:19:23] The heavy risks to partnering with your IRA or 401(k). What is a prohibited transaction? If you commit one, which of the two allows you to fix it?

[00:23:45] Dmitriy’s secret to utilizing the benefits of 401(k)’s himself.

[00:25:10] There are tax liabilities we should pay attention to for 401(k)’s. What are these?

[00:28:10] The existence of a Roth component of the solo 401(k). How does that work?

[00:30:52] Requirements to meet if you want to get 401(k)’s.

[00:34:25] Is there a profit margin that you need to consider? How much would that be?

[00:38:00] Distributions taken from Roth IRAs are tax-free, right? What about the Roth component of a Solo 401(k)? How are the tax-deferred and tax-free differentiated?

[00:40:50] Dmitriy had a painful but fruitful path to financial freedom.

[00:43:00] They can because they think they can, and they can’t because they think they can’t!

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    Join me, Vee Khuu and my guest, Billy Brown, on the Real Estate Lab Podcast, as we talk about his new projects, how he went from having no passive income to having a $5 million portfolio, and the performance of his portfolio in the midst of the pandemic. Billy is a successful investor, syndicator, strategist and a creative lender. He is the founder of the Investors Capital Group, founder of The Golf Sanctuary, and a co-author of an Amazon best-selling book called the Success Habits of Super Achievers. In this episode, he shares a lot of valuable information that you do not want to miss! Outline of the episode: ·      [03:44] TrackMan is an application that allows you to play virtual golf.·      [06:08] How has COVID-19 impacted their business and current projects?·      [10:09] The story of how he found and bought his first multifamily property.·      [14:20] You have to know what the fundamentals of lending and investing are before you can get creative. ·      [17:27] The difficulty is actually finding the truth about the properties and the brokers. ·      [20:29] Your lender is your biggest partner and not your enemy. When you have experienced buyers buying things right, you’re going to have bigger opportunities.·      [23:33] Lenders want to work with a solid team, experienced people, and not rookies.·      [26:25] What kind of debt coverage ratio is Billy looking for now during this pandemic?·      [29:30] There’s a lot of lending in self-storage and it always has a solid system.·      [31:06] You need to have plenty of reserves to be able to be a true professional investor. Make sure you provide great housing because people deserve better.·      [33:16] Make sure you’re well capitalized and have enough money in your operating account. Construction projects usually take longer and costs more money. ·      [36:15] The slower you go down and the less experienced lenders that you have, the lesser options you’re going to be left with.·      [39:07] The benefits of having a CCIM designation and why you need to get one.·      [44:04] All about Billy’s new book, projects, and Loan Approval Accelerator Program.·      [51:15] Who are Billy’s favorite golfers and why?Resources: ·      Billy Brown’s LinkedIn·      Company Website·      Billy’s Free E-Book ·      Billy@BillyBrown.Me ·      Success Habits of Super Achievers 
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    Today on the Real Estate Lab Podcast, join our host Vee Khuu and his guest, Nick Raithel, as they talk about why and when you should write your own book. Nick is the creator of The 7 Hours Book, and runs a service to help real estate investors create a book in just 7 hours. Do you think you’re not good enough, have a lot of doubts about your skills, and do not know where to start? Listen to this episode now, and find the answers to your questions!Outline of the Episode:·      [01:48] All about The 7 Hour Book by Nick Raithel.·      [03:27] Nick saw the need for people to use a book to help promote themselves.·      [04:31] Why did Nick, a digital marketer, decide to focus on books?·      [06:21] The old is new. A lot of things from before are being used by people again.·      [07:20] A hardcover book is like a business card that people don't throw away.·      [08:12] Writing a book is something that people should consider if they already have a clear grasp of their goals.·      [09:29] How will you know if writing a book is right for you?·      [10:36] It has become more challenging to stand out in the competition in real estate. ·      [12:34] Figuring out your why. You don’t need to be the best in writing to write a book.·      [15:03] We first let them figure out if a book makes sense for them before coming to us.·      [16:37] It all comes down to your decision of when is the right time to publish your book.·      [18:11] You don’t need to worry so much about not having a huge platform or list of people to email to when starting to leverage your book.·      [19:22] Their process of deciding when the client is a right fit for them.·      [21:39] Work from home jobs are becoming the norm because of COVID-19.·      [22:50] How do they ensure that their writers will write with the same voice as the client?·      [24:51] Their price ranges and the services included in the package.·      [27:00] Podcast is a great platform to build your network and reach out to investors.·      [28:04] Nick’s favorite books and the lessons he learned from them.Resources:  ·      Website: ·      The Black Swan·      Fooled by RandomnessConnect with Vee Khuu!·      Website:·      Facebook:·      Instagram:·      Linktree
  • 45. EP 45: Dr Gurpreet Padda

    Today on the Real Estate Lab Podcast, join our host Vee Khuu and his guest, Dr. Gurpreet Padda, as they talk about the value of education, the importance of connecting with other people, and real estate investing. Dr. Gurpreet is the CEO of the Red Pill Kapital, the Medical Director of Padda Institute, and the company, Reverse Diabetes MD. He has an MBA in Finance, a triple board certified physician, and an active and passive real estate investor. Dr. Gurpreet started his own company at the age of 12. Since then, he has established and owned multiple successful businesses. In this episode, he shares his experiences about getting into and working in different industries at such a young age. Don’t forget to check out the course Dr. Gurpreet is offering for free that was originally for $975! Just email him at and mention the Real Estate Lab Podcast. Learn more about this amazing opportunity in the episode!Outline of the Episode:·      [05:07] Dr. Gurpreet Padda started his own company at the age of 12.·      [09:14] He was still 14 years old and was in high school but had employees that were 25 years old above.·      [11:02] If you don’t feel the pain, you do not grow as a human being. You can’t get better.·      [12:00] The owner’s job is to develop a marketing strategy to bring in business and then develop a strategy for execution. ·      [14:20] Buying something somebody else didn’t want at a lower price and make more money by selling it at a higher value.·      [16:24] The struggles of investing in a rough area or hood. No matter how much money you’re going to make, it is not worth it.·      [20:35] The nature of a hard education is that you don't have to make the same error again.·      [21:30] Figuring out where you can get the highest return with the least amount of risk.·      [25:27] Why did Dr. Gurpreet decide to name his company Red Pill Kapital? ·      [28:09] B grade and C grade buildings are going to be more in demand because people would be able to afford it more compared to the A grade buildings.·      [33:33] There is going to be a massive shift in terms of our health care.·      [34:20] Now is the time to start new businesses. A lot of people have no jobs because of the impact of COVID-19.·      [35:49] As an immigrant, Dr. Gurpreet sees the US as the most amazing country on earth and thinks that people don’t recognize how wonderful it is.·      [38:00] Trying to learn everything about a subject out of curiosity.·      [39:50] If you feel like a business is leading you to a path you do not want to go or do, you have to transition away from it even if you love what you are doing.·      [43:27] The most important thing that drives a business is the ability to market and gain new clients.·      [45:31] It’s the connection that you make with other people and your mentors that creates the real value.·      [48:46] Dr. Gurpreet is selling a course for $975 available on the Red Pill Kapital’s website. ·      [51:51] A lot of notable people recommended by Dr. Gurpreet that you should check out!·      [54:01] Our economy is changing rapidly; you have to anticipate the possibilities.·      [56:28] What are Dr. Gurpreet’s favorite quotes?Resources:  ·      Dr. Gurpreet Padda’s LinkedIn: ·      Instagram:·      Facebook: ·      Email: or ·      Neal Bawa:·      Jack Bosch:·      Ryan Daniel Moran:·      Jaspreet Singh: with Vee Khuu!·      Website:·      Facebook:·      Instagram:·      Linktree
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    Today on the Real Estate Lab Podcast, join our host Vee Khuu and his guest, Aaron Lebovic, as they talk about the Colorado foreclosure timeline. Aaron is the owner of the Renav Services Group, and they educate their clients about how the foreclosure process works. He is also a Seasoned Real Estate Agent, Instructor, and Certified Mentor of the eXp Realty. In this episode, he elaborates and shares examples of what to do in different foreclosure situations. Outline of the Episode:[00:45] The next inevitable wave of foreclosure.[04:17] Mortgage forbearance during the COVID-19.[08:43] There are two types of foreclosure: the judicial and the non-judicial.[11:34] Foreclosure Colorado timeline: What happens when a borrower goes into default?[15:02] What are the steps to get into a foreclosure auction?[18:27] There are two potential winning bidders at a foreclosure auction, one is an investor who buys the property at the auction and the other is the bank.[20:06] Junior Lienholder redemption rights can prevent the auction buyer from getting title to the property. [23:52] Aaron’s example of him actively participating in a foreclosure auction. Why did he decide not to compete against the other auctioneer? [28:53] A summary of the different times of opportunity in a foreclosure.Resources:  Website: Website: (303) 250-4440Facebook:                                   LinkedIn: Colorado Foreclosure Timeline: with Vee Khuu!Website:
  • 43. EP 43: Alison Brown

    Today on the Real Estate Lab Podcast, join our host Vee Khuu and his guest, Alison Brown, as they talk about empowering women to be more confident in building their wealth outside the traditional routes. Alison is a successful real estate investor, an empowerment coach, a controller at a Civil Engineer firm, and a mother. She excels in a lot of different fields. In this episode, she shares her advice on how to train our minds and build a great mindset. Outline of the Episode:[00:55] Equality is so essential. We only have a few female investors in this field. [04:00] Doing Shavasana, the corpse pose, allows you to reflect and problem solve.[06:23] It is more important to focus on your “I help” statement, rather than your title.[08:30] We need to address the mindsets and attitudes we have that we struggle with. It’s okay not to know everything.[11:08] Nothing is ever certain; there are always risks. Be okay with making mistakes and learning along the way.[13:06] School has conditioned our minds to always say the right answers. However, sometimes thinking outside the box can be the solution.[15:41] Women tend to be conservative. Start asking yourself these questions and figure the answers out.[17:42] What did Alison learn about money from her parents and her husband?[20:46] Alison’s money mindset when she was 20 years old.[23:20] How and why did Alison Brown decide to get into the real estate industry? [25:36] At the end of 2019, they have acquired $5 million in cash-flowing assets.[30:14] The great partnership that Alison and her husband have. Learn to ask for help and reach out to people with experience. [32:58] Joining a syndication mentoring club by Russell Gray and Robert Helms. Asking for help strengthens the relationship.[36:49] The various niches and specializations of the people included in their syndication group.[41:17] There are different ways to get into a syndication, you can either have money or bring your skillset.[43:53] 90 days wealth empowerment coaching journey for women by Alison Brown.[46:25] Doing a 21-day gratitude challenge can impact and train the brain to move in the right direction.[48:24] Psycho-Cybernetics: Updated and Expanded by Maxwell Maltz.[49:11] How can you train your brain to start thinking in a problem solving, curious mindset?[51:07] Alison’s favorite quote is the Proverb 31 woman in the Bible. Resources: Website: simplyalisonbrown@gmail.comFacebook group: Zeller: Why “A" Students Work for "C" Students, and "B" Students Work for the Government Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert KiyosakiSyndication Mentoring Club Psycho-Cybernetics: Updated and ExpandedConnect with Vee Khuu!Website: Linktree
  • 42. EP 42: Joseph Bramante

    Today on the Real Estate Lab Podcast, join our host Vee Khuu and his guest, Joseph Bramante as they talk about his story of being a newbie who got scammed to a successful CEO working with family offices. Joseph is the CEO and Co-founder of TriArc, a real estate investment company based in Houston, Texas. They acquire and develop multifamily properties.Outline of the Episode:[01:06]Joseph Bramante got into Real Estate by accident. How did he get scammed?[04:28] One of Joseph’s ambitions is to build the tallest building in Houston.[06:19] The first deal Joseph bought is a 26-unit property. [08:35] What were the books Joseph read before he decided to buy a property? [12:05] The mistakes they made when buying the 26-unit property. [17:40] Did they do any financial due diligence checklist? [20:34] Joseph’s job at ExxonMobil got terminated, found out his insurance was a scam and was notified that the property he bought that was undergoing renovation had asbestos.[23:03] The importance of having a good network. How did Joseph meet his two partners?[26:17] What did they do to solve their problem with the property?[32:15] Joseph went against what everyone was saying in his mentoring group about what he should do with the property and succeeded with his plan.[35:19] With all the experience he has now, what are the things he would do differently with the 26-unit building?[37:42] What will happen to syndicators with overpaid deals especially now with the pandemic?[43:44] Abuse of the eviction moratorium can severely hurt the real estate industry. Building a good community and staying in touch with your tenants is important. [48:40] Examples of states that are pro-tenant and pro-landlord.[50:50] What’s the most important thing you need to know before accepting a deal? [54:15]Limit the size of joint ventures because it can cause a lot of miscommunications. Join smaller groups that are established.[57:38] What is Joseph and his team doing that is better than 90% of people in the Real Estate industry?[58:39] Accountability in business or company is critical.[01:01:45] What market and unit size is TriArc’s forte?[01:03:36] Joseph shares the markets you should avoid.[01:07:18] What are the problems that can make apartment management extremely difficult?[1:11:41] What's the hardest thing about being an owner-operator?[01:20:12] How has Joseph’s background with working for Exxon helped him with dealing with the institutional field?[01:23:54] The pitfall of being a passive in a deal with a family office.Resources:Joseph Bramante’s LinkedIn: info@triarcrep.comTwitter: @TREP.BramanteWebsite: Schedule a call: Vivid Vision by Cameron Herold Suck by Cameron Herold Multi-Family Millions by David Lindahl  Connect with Vee Khuu!·      Website:·      Facebook·      Instagram·
  • 41. EP 41: Bob Lachance - Get More Done With Trained Virtual Assistant

    Today on the Real Estate Lab Podcast, join our host Vee Khuu and his guest, Bob Lachance, as they talk about the importance of hiring virtual assistants in helping your business grow. Bob Lachance is a remote hiring expert and the Founder of Reva Global. Reva, short for Real Estate Virtual Assistants, provides the best suited and well-trained VAs to Real Estate investors or companies. Tune in and enjoy the episode!Get More Done With a Trained Virtual Assistant with Bob Lachance. Listen to the episode now on The Real Estate Lab Podcast! of the Episode:·      [01:16] What does Bob Lachance do for a living?·      [03:08] Why and when do we need to hire a virtual assistant?·      [05:55] Bob Lachance’s biggest injury he got from playing hockey.·      [06:42] The story of how Bob got into the Real Estate Industry.·      [12:35] Get educated on how to do short sales and how they work.·      [14:18] How does Reva Global help their clients in different niches of real estate? ·      [17:16] Onboarding process for virtual assistant hires.·      [20:04] Make sure you know the type of VA you’re looking for. What are the four R’s to consider when hiring a new VA?·      [24:00] Assigning a virtual assistant to close a deal in Zillow.·      [25:40] Growing your business using Zillow, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.·      [27:58] Hire VAs to do specific tasks so you’ll have more time to grow your company. ·      [30:35] Steps and tips for clients on how to offload to a virtual assistant.·      [34:20] Virtual assistants have different skill sets.·      [36:08] Having a quality assurance process to help your VAs improve.·      [38:35] How does Bob come up with all the training processes for the VAs?·      [41:10] Athletes are very resilient and can overcome a lot of challenges.·      [42:00] Common myths about hiring a virtual assistant.Resources:·      Bob Lachance’s LinkedIn·      Website·      Podcast·      Instagram·      Email·      Contact +1 800 626-3236·      Zillow Premier Agent ·      Craigslist·      Facebook Marketplace with Vee Khuu!·      Website:·      Facebook·      Instagram·