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Think Small, Think Again!

Season 2, Ep. 5022

Think Small? Think Again!

I’ve mostly pastored large churches in suburban neighborhoods. However, my last church plant was in an urban area and the congregation remained under 300 people during my tenure. Frankly, that church was the most fun to pastor.

In both earlier plants, we grew very quickly so I never experienced the life of a pastor in a smaller congregation. As I’ve become aware of the 90 million Americans living in small towns and rural areas, I’m thinking about all the fun I’ve missed.

Not for a New York minute do I regret the larger churches I’ve pastored—each was unique, and the people were blessings from God. But I’m re-thinking how we approach church planting in ways that go beyond the suburbs into urban, small town and rural areas.

If you pastor a smaller congregation you may believe that your efforts are less significant than those of your peers in larger settings. If that’s you, you should count your blessings. The big boys are copying you at this very moment.

Larger churches, including megachurches, imitate small churches all the time.

The most obvious imitation is the area of READ MORE AT RALPHMOORE.NET

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