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Seven Steps to Adopting a Church Multiplication Culture Without Breaking Wineskins

Season 3, Ep. 50277

Most healthy churches are in a constant state of flux as they respond to their people's needs and the ever-changing external environment. Technology, politics and certainly pandemics demand flexibility. The move from a congregation- centric culture to a church multiplication culture is a once in a lifetime shift for any congregation. It is rare, substantial and can be damaging if not handled carefully.

Large-scale changes affect your most important asset, your people. Losing members is costly due to the pace of disciplemaking. Each time a member abandons you and your mission, they take relationships, abilities and even money with them. The weight of change necessitates intimate understanding and acceptance of any cultural modification as you restructure your congregation's mission.

NOTE: This episode is Session 8 of Coaching with Ralph Moore: Module 1 Embedding Multiplication Deep into Your Church Culture. CLICK HERE for more information. Or, if you'd rather watch the video you can get it on Ralph's YouTube channel.

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