The Ralph Moore Podcast


Ranting in a Pandemic

Season 2, Ep. 1002

How do you position yourself as salt in the earth during a time like this?

We'll look at some good news and some bad (aren't you tired of the bad news?).

We'll look at some fairly dumb behavior--hence the rant. And we'll try to get sane, coming up with positive steps forward.

This one is worth your 23 minutes...

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Zac Holt - The Table, Bristol, VA (Part 2 of 2)

Season 4, Ep. 50437
Zac Holt grew up on the fringes of the church but life took a hard turn for the worse.As a young man he found himself stretched between drug addictions and an early call to pastoral ministry. After suffering a broken jaw in prison he spent three months eating through a straw. Talking was a problem with his jaw wired shut he became a listener. The Holy Spirit is always speaking. What began as a tragedy opened a door for the Spirit in a new way.Today, Zac leads an ministry called The Table. The Table is a Christ-centered gathering launched by addicts for anyone who is struggling with any type of life-controlling problem. An outreach of Woodland Hills Christian Church in Bristol, Virginia.A quote from their Facebook page says much about the ministry, “So many of us just want a place to be known and loved. A place where we have a voice, where we matter… at The Table we value intimacy and love doing life together. At The Table, we hold each other accountable, and we help each other often. Ours is a community where broken people find healing. The kingdom of God begins where the broken are healed, where the sinner is forgiven, where the blind can see. The kingdom begins at The Table.”You may shed tears as you hear of the painful winding road that ended with Zac leading this thriving church. If you hope to reach people outside the church you’ll be challenged and inspired by Zac’s innovative approach to ministry.You can learn more at, or