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New Testament Pivots to Multiplication

Season 2, Ep. 112520

Let's examine eight crucial pivots made by the early church leading to multiplication of disciples, leaders, congregations, cities and nations changed by the gospel.

We'll take into account the pre-pivot instructions of Jesus and post-pivot admonitions of Paul.

All are applicable today. The session ends with a call to examine the pivot points in your church necessary to establishing a culture of multiplication.

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Hope Chapel in Hawaii: Interview with Mike Kai (part 3 of 3)

Season 2, Ep. 50274
Mike has led Inspire Church to an incredible global reach because he and his team saw opportunity when the pandemic hit.From a multisite congregation numbering between five and seven thousand, they popped to more than 60,000 views, settling back to more than 25,000. You'll both be challenged and inspired to try something new by this podcast.Mike and Lisa Kai have been my friends since the 1980s.Lisa was a valued staff member when Mike found Jesus. He was a broken 20-year-old, already divorced and a single parent.When they began dating, I reached out to Mike, mostly wanting to understand his relationship with Lisa at first. We became fast friend. I discipled him as did other members of our team. He and Lisa even took vacations with Ruby and I.Mike eventually joined our staff as Youth Pastor. His success there translated into the ministry which he leads today. He assumed the pastorate of one of the earliest Hope Chapels in Hawaii. From humble beginnings in 2001 to a thriving multi-site congregation, Pastors Mike and Lisa Kai are passionate about building the Church. They are visionary leaders with hearts to advance the Kingdom of God by attracting non-believers to Christ, connecting them to their church family, training them for life and ministry and sending each person to fulfill their God-given potential.You can catch up with Mikeinspirechurch.liveMike and Lisa reside in Honolulu and are the proud parents of three daughters and two grandchildren. Mike has traveled to speak at conferences and to congregations all over the world and conducts pastor’s and leader’s round tables nationally and internationally. Mike is the author ofThe Pound for Pound PrincipleandPlateaus.