The Ralph Moore Podcast


Ken Klein - Christ Wesleyan Church, Greensboro, NC

Season 2, Ep. 50267

Ken Klein has an amazing story of struggle, enlightenment and fruitfulness through disciplemaking.

A successful lead pastor, he got fired from a fast-growing church because, "We want to be a megachurch and you're too old to lead a megachurch..."

After a few months spent recovering from shock Ken took a "boring" factory job but eventually found himself pastoring co-workers through cancer, divorce, etc. Finally winding up at Christ Wesleyan, the church where he found the Lord as a much younger man. This century old congregation resisted change as most do. However, when breakthrough came the results were amazing.

Today the congregation is multi-ethnic, disciplemaking focused and mission driven. They've planted numerous churches, including one that shares their facility.

Ken sees COVID-19 as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. You'll want to know why...

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