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Jimi Calhoun: Understanding Culture and Disciplemaking

Season 2, Ep. 50266

This is the third of three interviews with Jimi Calhoun.

Jimi grew up in a Christian home. His father and grandfathers were pastors. Along the way, he got caught up in gangs then found himself attending an all-White and Hispanic high school where he learned from both cultures. After playing in big-name rock bands for several years, he "discovered" Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach, California.

Hope Chapel produces church planters in-house. A few years into his experience, he planted a Hope Chapel in Sherman Oaks, CA, then Belize. Today he pastors Bridging Austin a church he planted a few years ago.

In this episode, he describes his latest book about Funkadelic music and its impact on Black culture. Moving to relationships and how they can help heal our land. The interview ends with some deep insight into disciplemaking - Jimi was discipled into two different cultures before he found himself being discipled in Christ.

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