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Jerold Jones, Growing 150 year-old McCallum Church - Delton, MI (part 2 of 2)

Season 4, Ep. 50439

Pastors are dropping ministry for greener pastures. Not Jerold Jones. He's leading a 150 year-old church to new heights.

His is a story of struggle and monumental victory. Three stories illustrate a life well lived.

Beginning in a legalistic church (that some would call a cult) he shifted into freedom in Christ. Repeated attempts to fulfill a calling without the benefit of seminary (in a movement requiring it), Jerold prevailed tenaciously. Finally, leading a tiny church with almost no financial resources into growth and community impact is an exciting story.

Interviewing Jerold was a reminder of how good Christian leaders are at throwing roadblocks in front of the harvest-labor we pray for.

This mans tenacity in the face of religious bureaucracy is inspiring. His willingness to pastor a “dying church” is another. The fruit they enjoy is exciting.

You can connect with Jerold at

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