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Interview with Ryan Delameter - OCNWTR Church - San Clemente, CA

Season 3, Ep. 50282

OCNWTR is the product of more than 10,000 miles of riding a bike.

After a painful divorce, Ryan rode across Canada, then across the United States and finally to Columbia in South America. All in a (fruitful) attempt to find peace and regain a healthy perspective.

During the ride to Columbia, he posted a blog in support of an NGO providing water filters in places where drinking water is unsafe. That drove him back to school for a doctorate in public health. After a stint on staff at Saddleback he launched OCNWTR, a church that provides free desalinization plants to coastal communities in very poor countries. And, they plant churches alongside the clean water.

Just over 18 months in existence, they've planted four microchurches (up to 70 people) with one in El Salvador and the rest in Southern California. By the end of the year, they'll be in Indonesia, Bangladesh and Argentina.

You'll enjoy Ryan's freewheeling spirit (pun intended) and innovative heart. If you're thinking about launching microchurches, this episode is perfect for you!

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