The Ralph Moore Podcast


Interview with Church Planter, Jervie Windom

Season 2, Ep. 50211

Jervie was just 47 days into this church when I interviewed him at an Exponential event. However, he had been able to do some serious groundwork due to his retirment after a career in the United States Army.

What makes Jervie so special is his deep engagement with the community. Some of this is made possible because of military retirement. He could spend time getting to know people rather than focus on gathering a crowd. We're finding that this approach to church planting produces more disciples who make disciples which leads to more churches. In fact, when I met Jervie the church he pastors was already into pre-launch of another church in nearby Galveston.

Jervie pastors in the relatively small community of Texas City, Texas. If you serve a smaller congregation, this episode will light your fire.

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