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Interview with Casey Crimmins - Multiply Church, Charlotte NC

Season 3, Ep. 50279

Casey and I met when he attached a very practical comment to a blog post I had written.

As we became friends I found him doing most things the world needs from the church. He left a career to plant co-vocationally. He's into disciplemaking as a way of evangelism. His church is into neighboring. They are crossing ethnic divides with intentionality. This church even uses Zoom as a blessing instead of a curse. You'll need to listen to the podcast to discover how...

If you are young with a whole life ahead of you, then you should keep track of Casey and his friends. In my mind, they are a few years ahead of the church in general. Well worth watching and learning from these people.

Casey, Sanchez Fair and Stephen Knopp lead Multiply Church in Charlotte, NC. You can catch up with them via their website at

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Ryan Delameter OCNWTR Churches

Season 3, Ep. 50286
OCNWTR churches began with a 10,000 bicycle Ride.Dr. Ryan Delamater rode his bicycle from Vancouver Island to the east coast of Canada, back to San Diego and on to the nation of Columbia.Suffering divorce and depressed, he set out on this bicycle to heal and try to find his way in 1010. As he rode, he learned that people don't have clean water in a small village in El Salvador. Upon returning home, he returned to school for a doctorate in public health, emphasizing clean water.After a bunch of surf trips to El Salvador and a stint as a youth pastor at Saddleback later, he launched OCNWTR, combining the water initiative with microchurch planting. Today's five OCNWTR churches will blossom to eight by the end of 2021. In September, the church plant/desalinization project in El Salvador gets duplicated in Indonesia with another in Bangladesh at year's end. And the larger world is noticing. Ryan helped develop a water policy at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and has contracts to build solar-powered desalinization projects for the poor in several nations. Each water system will pair with a church plant. The "launch platform" is OCNWTR in San Clemente, California. They meet in a coffee shop (one of 35,000 specialty coffee shops in the U.S.) on Tuesday evenings for tacos and church. In the face of COVID church planting difficulties, OCNWTR has discovered that most independent coffee shops close at dinner time and are rentable after hours for little or no cost to churches. There's even a tax break available to owners as an extra incentive.If you value innovation, microchurch or Luke 4:18, you won't miss this podcast!For more from Ryan, click on