The Ralph Moore Podcast


Interview with Antoinne Lassiter: A Bumpy Ride that Went Well

Season 2, Ep. 50241

It was too early to get out of bed, but there I was 8 time zones away from home. The Starbucks in the hotel offered fresh strawberries along with coveted caffiene. The only other guy in the place was this large friendly man who seemed a lot more awake than me. That day saw a friendship born which is bearing fruit in God's kingdom.

You'll enjoy the story of Antoinne Lassiter as it takes you from a church merger gone haywire to an introverted pastor hiding from his congregation before Sunday services to a growing congregation with the pastor coming out of his box. Hope you can relate to Antoinne and his joyous ride into fruitfulness. You can catch up to him and his congregation at

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