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Interview: Jim Graff--Leading Significant Churches

Season 2, Ep. 50231

My interview with Jim Graff. Jim is a new friend. A former missionary, he set out to lead a large church that could support missions in a big way--however, God had a detour in mind.

After his stint as a missionary, Jim led a small congregation, in a small town to rapid growth. The result? He was offered a larger church in a Dallas, Texas suburb. As he puts it this was in the epicenter of megachurches. He visited the potential new job promotion, incognito. During that visit the Lord spoke to him about staying where he was, pastoring a significant church in a smaller town. He stayed in Victoria Falls, Texas.

Over the years Faith Family Church has grown into a megachurch despite being located in a smaller community. Along the way, Jim became aware of the struggle of many leaders in smaller towns. The result is the Significant Church Network bringing leaders from churches in smaller communities together for fellowship, training and strength.

I recently spoke at a Significant Church event where I came away greatly imppressed by the love, camraderie and lack of any hint of competition between the pastors I met. I was even more impressed by the massive impact some are having in some very small places. This is not a Texas initiative--these people came from all across America. I even met a church multiplier who pastors a megachurch in a smaller town in Mexico while launching 20-plus church planters.

The upshot, for me, is that I've learned that one-fourth of the population of the United States lives in towns and rural areas numbering fewer than 25,000 people. I'm amazed at the opportunities as well as the needs in these often overlooked communities.

Join me as I interview pastor Jim Graff. After that, you may want to connect with these people at

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Prevailing Through a Pandemic-Myron Pierce Interview

Season 2, Ep. 50251
Myron Pierce struggled to become the biggest drug dealer in North Omaha, Nebraska.Both his parents were deep into drugs, but his grandmother was a strong spiritual influence. An influence he would need upon finding himself in prison for a very long time.In prison, he surrendered his life to the Lord. That day he committed to planting churches though he barely knew what that meant. Upon “graduation,” seven years later he came under the influence of Ron Doetzler who discipled him and guided him into the schooling which would set him up for business and disciplemaking. Today, Myron is a “hope dealer” in the neighborhood where he once dealt drugs. COVID-19 is hitting urban neighborhoods with a vengeance, yet Mission Church is prevailing. They’ve moved online in several ways. Like everyone else they’re doing Facebook Live, but Myron is on there for a half-hour every day. They’ve organized Facebook watch parties which prove extremely effective in expanding their network. Online attendance currently stands at over 2,500 people—a long way up from their normal 300 in church. They’re operating four live Facebook church services on Sundays to fit into the schedules of those still working. Myron saw opportunity to serve when the virus hit. Providing meals for children who aren’t being fed at school generated interest, and generous giving, from the larger community. The church distributed 5,000+ lunches in the past few days. The surrounding churches and the pre-Christian community are joining in. Did I mention that this kind of involvement feeds into the online church? And while most churches struggle through this thing, Mission Church’s offerings are up by 70 percent. Below is a list of links to various tools and agencies referenced in the podcast (Online Giving+ Txt Giving) 100 donations a month at $14/ (Organize conversations, share files, and get answers faster inSlack.)Slack has a free (online communication tool for small group discipleship)Free up to one hour every (GroupMebrings group text messaging to every phone. Group message with the people in your life that are important to you.)We use groupme to stay in touch with all of our disciples during the week.myronpierce.comSocial Media Marketing Tips/WebinarsSide Hustle Pastor Book available on Church Facebook Page - Church Facebook Group -