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Guy Caskey, Pastor of Church Planting Movements

Season 4, Ep. 50434

Guy Caskey leads two movements. One in Texas the other in Africa.

Texas includes nearly 80 house churches in Houston. The other includes 13 networks of churches in the Horn of Africa. One of the African networks consist of more than 1,000 leaders. He says there is no way to know how many churches sprang from these people.

He started rough. A natural athlete he spun out after an injury put him out of football. A lot of weed plus a breakup with a girlfriend tossed him into depression. At that point he met Jesus.

A simple “God help me” led to conversion and a fired up witness for Jesus—but people weren’t growing.

After a mentor discipled him into greater understanding he began discipling others instead of settling for prayers to accept Christ without follow through.

In 1999 he found himself shuttling back and forth to Africa, mostly Ethiopia. Discipling poor, poorly educated bivocational pastors became a passion. Technology makes long distance disciplemaking and mentoring a reality.

The story is exciting and there is no way to match the life Guy shared in the interview in the space here. You need to listen to our interview for the full benefit.

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