The Race for the Ring


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Season 3, Ep. 106

This week on Race for the Ring, Mindie is joined by Elite Dating Coach, Best-Selling Author and Founder of "Love, Amy", Amy Nobile!

In this episode, Amy and Mindie discuss the key to finding your partner! Amy shares how her service marries the holistic view of human-to-human energy and connection with the technology of modern-day dating - a philosophy known as "conscious dating" which flips the script on the traditional viewpoint of "being chosen". Listen closely as Amy details what specific questions to ask on dates 1-5 that will quickly uncover whether this person is in your “zone” and vibrating at the same level in regards to chemistry, core values, emotional maturity, and relationship readiness!


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Produced by Laurie Verbinski

Edited by Danielle Gordon

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