The Race for the Ring


Moms Don't Have Time

Season 3, Ep. 112

This week on Race for the Ring, Mindie is joined by Author, Podcast, Publisher, CEO, and mother of four, Zibby Owens!

In this episode, Mindie and Zibby talk about her new memoir, 'Bookends: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Literature! Zibby finally tells her deeply personal journey of the authors, books, and experiences that inspired her to become today’s most important book messenger and how she rewrote her own story. 'Bookends' is Zibby’s intimate life story as told through the books she was reading at the time of pivotal moments, the effects they had on her, and what they taught her through each word on the page. Listen closely as she dives deeper and explains her honest and moving story about relationships, love, food issues, the writing life, finding one’s true calling, and most of all, books - especially 'Bookends', which she hopes will inspire and uplift anyone who flips through its pages.

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Produced by Laurie Verbinski and Liz Hartshorne

Edited by Danielle Gordon

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