The Race for the Ring


Coercion, Consent and the Notion of "No"

Season 4, Ep. 118

This week on Race for the Ring, Mindie is joined by Mental Health and Consent Advocate, Romance Novelist, and Author of 'Stepping Stone', Liv Arnold!

In this episode, Liv and Mindie discuss why consent must be a “hell yes” for every individual involved. She shares how her experience sexual harassment affected her wellbeing, and how she turned to writing for therapy when medication, meditation, and counseling didn’t improve her symptoms. Liv's goal is to show what is and what is not acceptable because she believes there is not enough awareness and many people are silenced through shame, society’s perceptions, and sexism. Listen closely as she shares the power behind you "no" and what consent looks like both in the bedroom and in everyday life!


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This week on Race for the Ring, Mindie is joined by Consultant, Researcher, Trainer and Author of “Should I Change My Name? The Impact of Your Last Name on Identity, Marriage, and Happiness!", Dr. Marcia Morgan, Ph.D!In this episode, Mindie and Dr. Morgan discuss 'The Name Game". The number of decisions you have to make for your wedding, let alone decisions that will impact the rest of your life, can feel overwhelming. Taking on a life-long partner may also mean a new, life-long name. Changing the name you’ve had since birth is a big decision. Whether in same-sex or heterosexual nuptials, names play an important role and can impact children, career, identity, and ultimately, your happiness. That's why it's one of the most stressful (yet rarely discussed) decision among couples. Dr. Morgan walks you through how to choose a last name that’s right for you and your future spouse. She explains the six most common married-name options, including separate, merged, linked, and newly-created names, and reveals the benefits and challenges of each - shining a light on the little-known history of married names and reveals the meaning behind today’s naming traditions.Listen closely as Dr. Morgan shares some of the most important questions (for both your partner and yourself) in order to find a name that is right for you.Follow Dr. Marcia Morgan:Website: Mindie BarnettWebsite: @mindie.barnettFollow The Race for the Ring PodcastInstagram: @racefortheringpodcast------------------------------------------------Produced by Liz HartshorneEdited by Danielle Gordon

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This week on Race for the Ring, Mindie is joined by Couples Communication and Intimacy Psychotherapist, Relationship Expert and Author, Dr. Heather Browne, LMFT!Known as the "reframe queen", Dr. Heather's specialties are couples communication and intimacy, grief and loss, spirituality and faith, and transforming lives into expressions of beauty and joy. According to her, there is no stuck. We just see it that way. Changing our perspective changes our experience.Dr. Heather  has been published in Inc. Magazine, Insider Magazine, Toronto Sun, Psychology Today, Focus on the Family's "Thriving Family", Light + Life, and hundreds of journals and reviews. She was selected out of 1000's to be the Relationship Expert on DayBreak OC for a television season and has been interviewed several times on ABC7 news. Dr. Heather is currently creating an on-line Communications course and is an active YouTuber supporting her community in relationship, communication, and self-love.In this episode, she joins Mindie to discuss "The Candy Store Challenge" - the idea that we have so many options (between dating apps/websites, social media, etc.) that people easily keep searching for the next best thing/ something newer and better. As a result, they quickly end a relationship due to a challenge vs growing through it. Listen closely as Dr. Heather delves deeper into why serial daters have become the norm, and the growing fear of commitment - between polyamorous relationships, living together, life partner vs marriage, and much more!Follow Dr. Heather Browne:Website: Mindie BarnettWebsite: @mindie.barnettFollow The Race for the Ring PodcastInstagram: @racefortheringpodcast------------------------------------------------Produced by Liz HartshorneEdited by Danielle Gordon

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This week on Race for the Ring, Mindie is joined by relationship scientist, author, and marriage and family therapist, Dr. Marisa T. Cohen!Dr. Cohen founded Embracing Change Marriage and Family Therapy which provides therapeutic services to individuals, couples, and families. She also conducts relationship science research and consults with dating, relationship, and mental health apps. She is the author of From First Kiss to Forever: A Scientific Approach to Love, a book that relates relationship science to everyday experiences and real relationship issues confronted by couples.Dr. Cohen also works with individuals, couples, and families to address any obstacles they may be facing, assists them in setting goals, and helps them to enact plans to achieve their desired outcomes. She takes a collaborative, solution-focused approach to create a warm and open atmosphere, where clients feel comfortable sharing their stories and lived experiences. She also uses psychoeducation and various evidence-based interventions to help her clients reach their full potential.Listen closely as Dr. Marisa T. Cohen explains the different stages of a relationship, and also the importance of couples therapy and why you should consider now instead of waiting for your first REAL conflict. Follow Dr. Marisa T. Cohen:Website: Mindie BarnettWebsite: @mindie.barnettFollow The Race for the Ring PodcastInstagram: @racefortheringpodcast------------------------------------------------Produced by Liz HartshorneEdited by Danielle Gordon