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The Power of Impact

Cat Ross: Why is this happening in our society?

Season 1, Ep. 1

In this discussion with Cat Ross, we learn about the origin of Baby Basics, how it has grown from a small organisation in a church building to a UK-wide charity delivering vital equipment to thousands. Championed by the likes of The Princess of Wales and Kate Bottley, the charity has found itself at the forefront of delivering relief to families.

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  • Welcome to The Power of Impact

    Hello, and welcome to The Power of Impact: Stories of a Better Future. In Series One I shall be talking to a range of these leaders, including Cat Ross of Baby Basics, Ruth Rice of Renew Wellbeing, Avril McIntyre of Community Resources to name a few.So subscribe to this podcast from wherever you get your podcasts, and listen out for our weekly instalments, beginning on Tuesday 19th September. 
  • 2. Joy Wright: Changing Lives One Person at a Time

    Joy Wright of UK charity Emerge Advocacy tells the incredible story of her charity which supports young people in hospitals at times of crisis. Emerge Advocacy is a registered charity established in 2016 out of a realisation that young people in A&E because of self-harm need something more. 
  • 3. Henry Wilson: From a Dream to Transformation

    Ten years ago, Henry Wilson had a strange dream which woke him up. It was about changing local lives in his local town of Haverhill in Suffolk, so he started out tentatively, giving debt advice. It soon expanded into an organisation which encompasses the whole town, thousands of lives have been affected, and he outlines his key three strategic plans to take REACH Community Projects into the future. 
  • 4. Ruth Rice: Creating a Unique Movement

    When Ruth Rice experienced personal meltdown several years ago, part of her response was to set up a shared space where people could come and simply be themselves, without any pressure to perform or even to participate. The charity has become a movement, and has replicated many times in locations across the UK. 
  • 5. Avril McIntyre: Turning Community Outreach On Its head

    Avril has led several local charities and community projects in the Borough of Barking and Dagenham and beyond. Here, she discusses the nature of community delivery, where the participants are the ones who help to determine the direction of the work.
  • 6. Tina English: Reaching the Forgotten Ones

    Tina English describes the passion which drove her to create Embracing Age, a charity which encourages churches to work with care homes to reach out to isolated older people. 
  • 7. Bernice Hardie: The Power of Integration

    In this episode, Bernice Hardie explains how Wave for Change began, and her passion to see people of all ages and abilities mixing together; when the focus is not on the difference, but on the common ground they all share.
  • 1. Lloyd Cooke: A Life Dedicated to One Community

    In this episode I interview Lloyd Cooke, a prominent and enterprising church leader, who has dedicated his whole life to serving his local community of Stoke-on-Trent.Find out all about Saltbox in Stoke-on-Trent here: Find out all about Stoke City FC (if you must!) here: